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If you remember a shop, or school, or restaurant from you time in Calcutta, if you like to know the address of the hospital you were born in, or the Church your parents got married you can look them up here. 

The addresses are correct (in the main) for the year 1940s but if you know some which have changed or got any other additions to make then please mail us (with as much detail as possible) at: calcutta1940s@yahoo.com

Also we have to admit that most of the addresses reflect the fact that we got them from a directory for western visitors to the city and thus do not really reflect Indian life as led by Indians.  For instance there are many churches listed but no temples or mosques.   We would very much like to add addresses relevant to Indians to the list so again let us know if you have any and pass them onto us at: calcutta1940s@yahoo.com .

Please note that many of the streetnames in the address have since changed.  A list of name changes can be found in Streetatlas







Adarsha Vidalaya—150/1/2 Baranashi Ghose Street.

Arya Mission Institution—166 Cornwallis Street.

Baghbazar High School—29 Bosepara Lane.

Ballygunge Girls' High School—4 Hindustan Road. Ballygunge.

Ballygunge Institution—Bondel Court, Bondel Road, Ballygunge.

Ballygunge Jagabandhu Institution—25 Fern Road.

Bangabasi Collegiate School—25/1 Scott Lane. Phone, B.B. 1368.

Baptist Mission Girls' High School—84 Dr. Suresh Sarkar Road, Entally. Phone, Cal. 5457.

Beltala Girls' High School—17 Beltala Road, Kalighat. Phone, South 478.

Bharati Vidyalaya—125A Maniktala Street.

Bharat Stri Siksha Sadan—161/1 Bow Bazar Street.

Binapani Purdah School15 Hari Ghose Street. Phone, B.B- 843.

Bow Bazar High School—93/1A Bow Bazar Street.

Brahmo Balika Shikihalaya Girls' School—294 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B-B. 658.

Brahmo Boys' Day & Boarding School—31 Jhamapukur Lane.

Calcutta Academy—72 Amherst Street.

Calcutta Boys' School—72 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 3776.

Calcutta Girls' High School—152 Dharamtala Street. Ph.,Cal.5136.

Calcutta Government Technical School—110 Corporation Street. Phone, Regent 191.

Calcutta Hindu Academy—50 Amherst Street.

Calcutta Madrasah, Anglo-Persian Department—21 Wellesley Square. Page 136.

Calcutta Muslim High English School—3 Surtee Bagan Street.

Calcutta Training Academy—13 Simla Street.

Cathedral Mission High School—46 Elgin Road.

Central Collegiate School—71/2A Cornwallis Street.

Chetla Boys' High English School—29/2 Check Central Road, Alipore. Phone, South 1625.

City Collegiate School—13 Mirzapore Street.

City Girls' High School46 Amherst Street. Phone. B.B. 3652.

Collins High School—140 Dharamtala Street.

Davidian Girls' School—1A Ashutosh Mukerjee Road. Phone, P.K, 1531. Page 163.

Deshbandbu Vidyalaya (H. E. School for Girls)—P221/1 Russa Road. Phone. South 565.

Diocesan Collegiate School for Girls—17 Lansdowne Road.

Duff School—23A Balaram Ghose Street- Phone, B.B. 1671.

E. B. Rly. European School—Dakhindari, Chitpore.

Eliat Meyer Free School and Talmud Torah—50 Bow Baiar Street. Phone, B.B. 539.

Entally Academy—30 Ananda Pant Road, Entally.

Gokhale Memorial Higher Secondary School for Girls—2/1 Harish Mukerjee Road. Phone, P.K. 509.

Hare School—87 College Street.

Hindu School—1 College Square.

Islamia High School—44 Beniapukur Road. Phone. P.K. 158.

Japanese Primary School—8A Lansdowne Road. Phone, P.K. 497.

Jewish Girls' and Boys' Secondary School—8A & 8B Pollock Street

Kailash Chandra Ghose Institute for Girls24 Ananda Palit Road.

Kalighat High School—50 Mahim Haldar Street.

Kamala Girls' High English School—P237 Rash Behari Avenue.

Kamala High English School—63 Balaram De Street.

Ketav Academy—148 Maniktala Street.

Khetal Chandra Calcutta Institution—64 Dharamtata Street.

Kidderpore Academy—37 Ram Kamal Mukerjee Street.

Loreto Boarding School (Convent)—1 Convent Lane, Entally.

Loreto Day School—169 Dharamrala Street.

Loreto Day School—65 Bow Bazar Street.

Loreto Day School—122 Lower Circular Road.

Loreto House—Middleton Row. Phone, P.K. 240

Manicktola High English School—58/4A Raja Dinendra Street.

Metropolitan Institution for Girls—39 Sankar Ghose Lane.

Nasiruddin Memorial High School—5 Kundu Lane.

Nivedita Girl's High English School—5 Nivedita Lane.

North Calcutta Girls' H. E. School—1/2 Maharata Ditch Lane.

Oriental Seminary—366 Upper Chitpore Road.

Oriental Seminary for Girls—366 Upper Chitpore Road.

Oriental Training Academy—104 Surendra Nath BaneijeeRoad.

Peaty Charan Girls' High School—149A Muktaram Babu Street.

Prasanna Kumar Institution—27B Grey Street.

Pratt Memorial School for Girls—168 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 1126.

Ramrik Institution—20 Justice Dwarkanath Road.

Ripon Collegiate School—24 Harrison Road.

Sakhawath Memorial H. School—17 Lord Sinha Rd. Ph., Reg. 161

Satyabhama Institution for Boys—30A Russa Road

Scottish Church Collegiate School—73 Comwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 2218.-

Seventh-Day Adventist Mission School-36 Park St. Ph. P.K. 567.

Shambazar Anglo-Vernacular School—126 Shambazar Street.

Shambazar Vidyasagar School—63 Shambazar Street.

Sir Romesh Ch. Mitter Memorial High English School for Girls, 13 Jogesh Mitra Road.

South Suburban School (Main)—16 Gopal Banerjee Street, Bhowanipore. Phone, South 713.

Sri Vishudhananda Saraswati Vidyalaya Marwari Boys' School— 134 Mechuabazar Street.

St. Agnes' School—2 King's Road, Howrah.

St. Andrew's Girls' School (Church of Scotland Mission)—28 Upper Circular Road.

St. Anthony's High School—19 Market Street.

St. Barnabas' High School—21 Dent Mission Road, Kidderpore.

St Cecilia's High School—42 Park Street Phone, P.K. 2058.

St. James' School—167 Lower Circular Road. Phone, Cal. 423.

St. John's Diocesan Girls' H. School—47 Elgin Road. Phe., P.K. 787.

St. Joseph's Collegiate School—69 Bow Bazar Street.

St. Lawrence High School—27 Ballygunge Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 422.

St. Margaret's High School for Girls—19 Duff St. Phe.,B.B. 3280.

St. Paul's Higher Grade School—13 Scott's Lane.

St. Paul's High School—33/1 Amherst Street.

St. Paul's Orphanage—68 Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore.

St. Teresa's High School—72 Diamond Harbour Rd-, Kiddetpore.

St. Thomas' School—3 Church Road, Howrah.

St. Thomas' (Boys') School—11 Free School Street. Phe., Cal. 1249.

St. Thomas' (Girls') School—4 Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore. Phone, South 889.

Tallolla Boys' High School—55 Surendra Math Banerjee Road.

Tollygunge High English School—10 Prince Anwar Shah Road.

United Missionary High School for Girls—3 Ashutosh MufeerjeeRd.

Victoria Institution for Girls —78B Upper Circular Rd. Ph.. B.B. 685.

Welland-Gouldsmith European Boarding & Day School—228 Bow Bazar Street. Phone. Cal- 554.

Wesleyan Preparatory School—14/2 Sudder Street.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



Convent of Our Lady Queen of the Missions – Park Circus,  Syed Amir Ali Avenue

(Source: Contributors)



All-India institute of Hygiene and Public Health. Page 192.

Armenian College—4 Kyd Street- Phone, Cal. 1511. Page 133.

Ashutosh College—9 Russa Road. Phone, South 917. Page 168.

Bangabasi College—25/1 Scott Lane. Phone, B.B. 1368. Founded 1886- affiliated* 1887.

Bengal Engineering College—P.O. Botanic Garden, Sibpur. Phone, West 36. Founded and affiliated, 1880. B.E. Degree. Civil, Mining, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Bishop's College—224 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 812.

Calcutta Engineering College—18 Ekdalia Road. Phone, P.K. 1753.

Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine—Chittaranjan Avenue. Phone, Regent 691. Page 190.

Carrmichael Medical College—1 Belgatchia Road. Phone, B.B. 975. Founded and affiliated, 1916. M.B. Degree.

City College—102/1 Amherst Street. Phone, B.B. 1565. Founded 1879 : affiliated 1881.

College of Engineering and Technology, Bengal—Jadabpur. Phone, P.K. 1910.

David Hare Training College—25/3 Ballygunge Circular Road. Phone Alipore 306. Founded and affiliated, 1908. Opened by the Government of Bengal to train teachers of Secondary Schools. The College is affiliated to the Calcutta University up to the B.T. standard.

Dioceian College for Indian Girls—47 Elgin Road. Affiliated 1907.

Howrah Narasinha Dutt College—129 Belilios Road. Founded in 1923 by Babu Suranjan Dutt. Affiliated 1924.

lslamia College—8 Wellesley Street Phone, Reg. 240. Page 135.

La Martiniere for Boys—11 Loudon Street. Phone, P.K. 603. P. 128.

La Martiniere for Girls—14 Rawdon Street. Phone, P. K. 1065.

Loreto House—7 Middleton Row. Phone, P.K. 240- Page 98.

Medical College—88 College Street. Phone, B.B. 1230. Founded 1835 : affiliated 1857. M.B. Degree.

Moti Lal Seal's Free College—127 Chittaranjan Avenue. Founded 1842.

Ripon College—24 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 29. Founded 1880 : affiliated 1884. Has a Law Department.

Scottish Church College—4 Cornwallis Square. Phone, B.B. 151. Affiliated 1857. Page 137.

St. Joseph's College—69 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 4259. P. 97.

St. Paul's Cathedral Mission College—33 Amherst Street. Phone, B.B. 2600. Founded in 1865 as the Cathedral Mission College and refounded in 1899 as the Church Missionary Society's College. Raised to B.A. standard and the present name adopted, 1914.

St. Xavier's College—30 Park Street. Phone, P.K. 995. Page 95.

United Missionary Training College—1 Ballygunge Circular Road. .Phone. P.K- 1470. Page 92.

University College of Science—92 Upper Circular Road. Phone, Regent 159.

University Law College—Darbhanga Buildings, Calcutta University. Phone, Regent 761. Founded and affiliated, 1909.

Victoria Institution for Girls—78B Upper Circular Road. Phone, B.B. 6B5. Founded and affiliated in 1931 up to the I.A. standard.

Vidyasagar College—39 Sankar Ghose Lane (Beadon Street P. 0.). Phone, B.B. 2085- Founded 1859 : affiliated 1872. Originally the Calcutta Training School: named Metropolitan Institute in 1864 and Vidyasagar College in 1917 after Pundit Iswaichandia Vidyasagar.

* All affiliations refer to the Calcutta University


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



Armenian College—Free School Street.

(Source: Contributors)



Baker Hostel—8 Smith Lane. For students of Islamia College.

Birkmyre Hostel—4 Middleton Row- Phone, P.K. 998. Page 208.

Carmichael Hostel—51 Baitakhana Road. For Muslim students.

Elliott Hostel—Wellesley Square. For Madrassah students.

Oxford Mission Students' Hostel—43 Cornwallis. Street. Phone, B.B.4481.

Ram Mohan Roy Hostel—102 Amherst Street. For students’ of City College.

Salvation Army Gidney Hostel for Young Business Women— 38 Dharamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 1673.

Scottish Church College Lady Dundas Hostel—17/1 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 3358.

St. Xavier's College Hostel—30 Park Street.

St. Xavier's College Hostel for Indian Students—219/1 Lower Circular Road.

Vidyasagar College Hostel—17 Cornwallis Street.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




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Alexandra Court—60/1 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P.K. 162.

Amolia Chamber—79 Wellesley Street-

Amolia Mansions—10 Wellesley Square.

Auckland Mansions—6/7 Lower Circular Road.

Auddytia Mansion—33A Doctor Lane.

Avenue Court—24 Syed Amir All Avenue.

Avenue House—Chowringhee Square.

Beed Mansion—7 Central Avenue.

Bejoy Mansion—89 Ripon Street.

Birla Mansion—54 Chowringhee Road.

Brabourne Court—6 Chowringhee Lane.

Buckingham Court—113A Ripon Street.

Central Court—2 Chittaranjan Avenue.

Chowringhee Court—3 & 4 Chowringhee Lane.

Chowringhee Mansions—30 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 672.

Cohen Mansions— 14 Ripon Lane.

Coronation Court—West Range, Park Circus.

Crescent Court—39B Lower Circular Road.

Daw Building—184 Dharamcala Street.

Dharamtala Mansion —32 Dharamtala Street.

Durga Chamber—114 Lower Range, Park Circus.

Elgin Mansion—133 Dharsinitata Street.

Emerald Court—178 Lower Circular Road.

Esplanade Mansions—14 Government Place East.

Ezra Mansion—10 Government Place East.

Florence Mansion—15 Free School Street.

Forbes Mansion—10 Wellington Square.

Fountain Court—3 Middleton Street. Phone, Cal. 2204.

Galstaun Mansions—12 Park Street.

Grosvenor House—21 Old Court House Street.

Halwasiya Mansions—62/2 Moira Street.

Harrington Mansion—8 Harrington Street.

Jiwan Mansions—11 Middleton Row.

Jubilee Court—11 Harrlngton Street.

Jubilee Park—4B Little Russel Street.

Karananj Mansions—Kunction of Park Street and Free School St.

King Edward Court—58 Chowringhee Road.

King's Chambers—40 McLeod Street.

King's Court—50 Theatre Road.

Lansdowne Mansion—89B Lansdowne Road.

Lee Court—36 Elgin Road.

Lindle Chambers—6A Hastings Street.

Lindsay Mansion—14 Lindsay Street.

Loudon Court—13 Loudon Street.

Marina Garden Court—191 Park Street New. Phone, P.K. 612.

Marquis Mansion—17 Marquis Lane.

Middleton Mansions—9 Middleton- Street.

Minto Mansion—77 Dharamtala Street.

Mission Court—P12 Mission Row Extension.

Mohini Mansion—94 Russa Road.

Palace Court—1 Kyd Street.

Park Chambers -93 Park Street.

Park Court—2 Syed Amir All Avenue. Phone, P.K. 1193.

Park House—6 Park Lane.

Park Mansion—Junction of Park Street and Free School Street.

Park Palace-1 Saharwady Avenue.

Paul Mansion—5 & 6 Bishop Lefroy Road.

Prince Court— 47 New Theatre Road. Phone, P.K. 1591.

Prince Mansion—10 Middleton Row.

Prince Mansion—5B Sandel Street.

Queen's Chambers—31 Marquis Street.

Queen's Court—20 McLeod Street.

Roy Mansion—10/ 4 Elgin Road.

Royal Chambers—Moira Street.

Royal Court—5/1 Russell Street.

Samavaya Mansion— 6 Hogg Street.

Shama Mansion—1 Mati Sil Street.

Siddiq Mansion—Park Street New ( P233 Park Circus). Phone, P.K- 1006.

Solomon Mansion—7 Royd Street.

Sree Nath Mansion—8/1 Lindsay Street.

Stephen Chamber—26 Chowringhee Road.

Stephen Court—18 Park Street.

Stephen House— 4 & 5 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 1108.

Subid All Buildings—1 Madan Street.

Subid Ali Mansion—4C Madan Street.

Sultan Mansion—12 Marsden Street.

Temple Chambers—6 Old Post Office Street.

Victoria Chambers—5 Chowringhee Road.

Victoria Court—91 Elliott Road.

Victoria House—Chowringhee Square. Phone, Cal. 6200.

Waterloo Mansion—12 Waterloo Street.

Waverley Mansion—77/2 Sutendra Nath Banerjee Road.

Wellesley Mansion—44 Wellesley Street- .

White House—21 Chittaranjan Avenue.

Windsor Court—5A Sunder Street.

Windsor House—P14 Mission Row Extension.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



Humayon Court – above the Lighthouse and New Empire Cinemas

Mazda Mansions – Free School Street (directly opposite the Armenian College)

Noor Buildings – Park Circus, 31 Beck Bagan Row.

Palace Court – in central Calcutta.


(Source: Contributors)


        Boarding Houses

Agabeg's Boarding Establishment—24 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 3721.

Astor House—44 Theatre Road. Phone, P.K. 745.

Bengal Boarding House—46/7 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 2008.

Buchanan's Boarding Establishment—14/1 Sudder Street. Phone, Cal. 3752.

City Boarding—27 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 3851.

Grand National Boarding—1 Bhabanath Sen St. Phe., B.B. 3180.

Hayton. R. A. 6 Rawdon Street. Phone. P.K. 841.

Hayton's Board and Residence—161 Dharamtala St. Phe., Cal. 1310.

Hollywood Boarding House—3 Ripon Street. Phone, P.K. 207.

Holm Croft—2/1 Harrington Street- Phone. P.K. 178.

Kenilworth—7 Little Russell Street. Phone, P.K. 325.

Killarney Lodge—3 Wood Street. Phone. P.K. 261.

Loch Lomond Lodge, Ltd. 12/1 Pretoria Street. Phone, P.K.1479.

McDonnell, L., Ltd. Boarding Establishment—1 Bishop Lefroy Road. Phone, P.K. 235.

New Kenilworth—1 & 2 Little Russell Street. Phone, P.K. 1879.

Presidency Boarding House—66 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 3569.

Salvation Army Naval and Military Home—2 Sudder Street. Phone, Cal. 3883.

Santi-Niketan Boarding House—16 Harrison Road. Phe., B.B.671.

Sarkies' Central Lodge—6/2 &. 6/3 Sudder Street. Phe., Cal. 5160.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



Fairlawns – Sudder Street

(Source: Contributors)



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Calcutta Police Headquarters                18 Lall Bazar Street                  Cal. 2300

Commissioner of Police          18 Lall Bazar Street                  Cal. 2301

Dy. Commissioner of Police    18 Lall Bazar Street                  Cal. 2302

Port Police (North Division)   67/3 Strand Road                     Cal. 2349

Port Police (South             )   SastitolaRd. (Kidderpore)        South 110

Police Vehicles Department(Motors &- Hackney Carriages)

                                                38 Beltola Road                       P.K. 2020.

Calcutta Police Club                               31 Bentinck Street                    Reg. 259

Calcutta Police Morgue          2/1 Nil Madhab Sen Street       B.B. 2339


        Police Thanas

Alipore                    Section     8 Belvedere Road                     South 309

Amherst Street                      57 Amherst Street                    B. B. 2390

Ballygunge                            38 Beltola Road                       P.K. 87

Belliaghatta                          6/1 Gas Street                          B.B. 4219

Beniapukur                           40A Gorachand Road                              P.K. 933

Bhowanipore                         7 Russa Road                           South 233

Bowbazar                                              42 Central Avenue                   B. B. 2307

Burrabazar                           8 Mullick Street                       B. B. 2364

Burtolla                                 1 Raja Raj Kissen St.                                B. B. 2312

Chitpore                                19 Cossipore Road                  B. B. 2276

Cossipore                                              86 Cossipore Road                  B. B. 2325

Entally                                  12 Convent Road                     Cal. 2330

Garden Reach                       71/2 Garden Reach Rd.            South 337

Hare Street                           42 Central Avenue                   B. B. 239

Hastings                                4 Middle Road, Hastings          South 324

Jorabagan                            74 Nimtala Street                     B. B. 2306

Jorasanko                                             2 & 2/1 Chitpore Spur                             B. B. 2314

Maniktala                                             20 Canal West Road                 B. B. 2328

Muchipara                            6 St. James' Square                  B. B. 2317

Park Street                           89 Park Street                          P.K. 303

Shampukur                           47 Shambazar Street                                B.B. 2310

Taltala                                  4 Taltala Lane                          Cal. 2321

Tollygunge                            28 Russa Road                         South 8

Watgunge                                             16 Watgunge Road                   South 336


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




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Albert Victor Hospital (Leper Asylum)—32 Gobra Road, Entally. Phone, Regent 200.

This was a department in the old Alma House in Amherst Street. In 1906 the present, asylum was erected and named after H. R. H. Prince Albert Victor. Admittance was originally restricted to lepers of Calcutta and suburbs : now open to lepers from all over Bengal.

Out-patients :—8 to 11 a.m. daily, except Sundays.

In-Patients :—Normally 175 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Alipore Police Case Hospital—32 & 33 Belvedere Road. Phone, Alipore 234.

Bengal Alien Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital— 169 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B. B. 1762.

Out-Patients :—8 to 9-30 a.m. and 5 to 6 p.m. daily, except Sundays.

In-patients :— 17 beds. Visiting hours, 11 to 12 and 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Bengal Medical Institution and Hospital—24 Sura 3rd Lane. Phone, B. B. 710.

Bhagwan Das Bagia Rai Bahadur's Marwari Hindu Hotpital—128 & 130 Harrison Road.

This Hospital was founded and endowed in 1902 by Bhagwan Das Bagia Rai Bahadur.

Out-Patients :—7 to 10 a.m. daily.

In-Patients :—55 beds. Visiting hours, 10 a.m. to 5p.m. daily.

British Military Hospital—246 Lower Circular Road. Phone, Alipore 267.

Calcutta Dental College and Hospital—114 Lower Circular Road. Phone, Cal. 3955.

There is only an out-door department, open from 8 to 11 a.m. daily, except Sundays.

Calcutta Homoeopatic College and Hospital—265 and 266 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B. B. 2654.

Surgical, medical, maternity and gynaecological; eye, nose, ear, throat, chest and dental departments.

Out-Patients :—8-30 to 11 a.m. and 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Emergency Dept. : —Open day and night.

In-Patients :—85 beds. Visiting hours, 11 to 12 and 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Calcutta Medical School Hospital—301/3 Upper Circular Road.  hone, B. B. 1730.

Surgical, medical, maternity and gynaecological; eye, nose, ear, throat, chest and dental departments.

Out-Patients :—9 to 11 a.m. daily.

Emergency Dept.:—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 225 beds. Visiting hours, 4 to 7 p.m. daily.

Calcutta Police Hospital—16 Beni Nandan Street. Phone, P.K. 340. For all ranks of the Police Force.  

Out-Patients :—At all hours.

In-Patients :—Normally 280 beds. Visiting hours, 4 to 7 p.m. daily.

Calcutta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Hospital and Dispensary—276 Bowbazar Street. Phone, Cal. 1229

Campbell Hospital—138 Lower Circular Road. Phone, Cal. 131 and Cal. 2656.

This Hospital has commodious wards and well-equipped out-door dispensaries. It is open for the treatment of all general and infectious diseases, except diphtheria.

Out-Patients :—8 to 10-30 a.m. daily, except Sundays.

Venereal, 10-30 a.m. to 12-30 p.m. on weekdays.

Anti-rabic, 10-30 a.m. to 12 noon daily.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 700 beds, but when small-pox and cholera rages in epidemic form. this number is greatly increased.

Visiting hours, 11 a.m. to noon and 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Carmichael Hospital for Tropical Diseases. See page 191.

Carmichael Medical College and Hospital—1 Belgatchia Road. Phone, B.B.2510.

Medical, surgical, maternity and gynaecological; eye, ear, nose, throat and chest departments; tuberculosis, cholera and diphtheria.

Out-Patients : -8 to 10 a.m. daily.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 450 beds. Visiting hours, 4 to 7 p.m. daily.

Chittaranjan Hospital—24 Gorachand Road, Entally. Phone, P.K. 931.

This Hospital was built in 1927 to perpetuate the memory of Deshhandhu Chittaranjan Dass.

Medical, surgical, maternity, gynaecological; cholera and kalaazar.

Out-Patients :—8 to 10-30 a-m. daily.

Eye Clinic, 10 to 11 a.m.. Mondays, Fridays.

Ear, Nose, Throat, 9-30 to 11 a.m., Tuesdays, Thursdays.

Venereal, 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesdays. Thursdays, Saturdays.

Tuberculosis. 8 to 10 a.m. daily.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—164 beds. Visiting hours, 12 to I and 5to 7 p.m. daily.

Chittaranjan Seva Sadan Hospital for Women and Children— 148 Russa Road. Phone, South 224.

Out-Patients :—Gynaecological, 8 to 10 a.m. daily, except Mondays.

Obstetrical (Ante-natal). 4 to 6 p.m. daily, except Mondays.

Ear, Nose. Throat, 10 to 12 noon, Tuesdays. Saturdays.

Dental Clinic, 10 to 11-30 a.m., Mondays, Thursdays.

Eye Clinic, 6 to 7 p.m. daily.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients:—Normally 167 beds. Visiting hours, 4 to 6 p.m. dally.

The Childrens Clinic :—At Sishu Sadan. 1 Beltola Street.

There is an out-door department open from 8 to 10 a.m. daily.

Indoor Dept.:—36 beds for children. Visiting hours, 4 to 6 p.m. daily.

Dunham Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital for Men—63 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B. B. 2757.

Out-Patients:—Morning, 8 to 10 a.m. daily, except Thursdays.

Evening, 6 to 7-30 p.m. daily, except Sundays.

ln-Patients :—15 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m.

Eden Hospital. See page 189.

Eye Infirmary, See page 189.

Ezra Hospital. See page 188.

Gobindra Sundari Free Ayurvedic College and Hospital—20 Ram Kanto Bose Street.

Medical, surgical, maternity and gynaecological.

Out-Patients :—9 to 11 a.m. daily.

Eye, Nose. Ear, Throat, Chest and Dental Departments, from 9 to 11 a.m., Sundays. Fridays.

In-Patients :Normally 66 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Howrah General Hospital—Telkul Chat Road. Phone. Howrah 42.

Out-Patients :—Medical. Surgical, Radiological, Obstetrical (Ante-natal), and Gynaecological, from 8-30 a.m. daily.

Dental, 9 a.m., Mondays. 'Wednesdays. Fridays.

Sfetn, 11 a.m., Tuesdays, Fridays.

Eye Clinic, 11 a.m., Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Ear. Nose, Throat, 10 a.m., Mondays, Thursdays.

Heart Clinic, 10 a.m., Wednesdays, Fridays.

Urological,  9 a.m., Tuesdays, Fridays.

Fracture Clinic. Pathological, 10 a.m. daily.

Leprosy, 11 a.m., Wednesdays, Saturdays.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 230 beds. Visiting houra, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Indian Military Hospital—Sterndale Road. Phone, Alipore 221.

Lady Dufferin Victoria Hospital for Women and Children— 1 Amherst Street. Phone, B. B. 1113.

Medical, surgical, obstetrical (ante-natal), gynaecological.

Out-Patient :—7-30 Co 10-30 a.m. dally, except Sundays.

Emergency Dept. :—open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 200 beds. Visiting houra, 4 to 6 p.m. daily.

Mayo Hospital—67/1 Strand Road North. Phone. B. B, 1058. Medical, surgical, obstetrical, gynaecological; ear, chest and throat departmants, anti-cholera and anti-rabic treatment.

Out-Patients :—7-30 to 9-30 a.m. and  1-30 to 5-30 p.m. on weekdays. 7-30 ro 8-30 a.m. on Sundays-

Skin Diseases, 8 to 10 a.m., Mondays,'Wednesdays. Fridays.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-patients :—Normally 115 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily-

Medical College Hospital. See page 187.

Mental Hospital—100 Maniktala Main Road. Phone, B.B. 2962.

North Suburban Hospital—82 Cossipore Road. Phone. B.B. 3817. Treatment: in all general and infectious diseases, except small-pox.

Out-Patients :—8 to 11 a.m. daily.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 82 beds. Visiting hours, 11 to 12 noon and 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Park Veterinary Clinic—42 Theatre Road. Phone, P.K.1294.

Park Veterinary Hospital—144 Jhawtolla Road. Phone, P.K. 347.

Pratap Chandra Homoeopathic Hospital—14/1 Narkeldanga North Road. Phone, B.B. 2356.

Medical, surgical? gynaecological.

Out-Patients :—9 to 11 a.m, daily, except Sundays.

In-Patients :—35 beds. Visiting hours, 11 to 12 and 5 to 6 p.m. daily.

Presidency General Hospital. See page 48.

Prince of Wales Hospital See page 188.

Ram Chandra Goenka Hospital and Dispensary—240 Kalighat Road. Phone, South 61.

This Hospital contains four beds for emergency cases.

Ramrikdas Haralalka Hospital—104 Ashutosh Mukerjee Road. Phone, South 943.

Out-Patients :—8 to 10 a.m. daily.

In-Patients :—22 beds (male). Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Sambhu NathPandit Hospital—11 Elgin Road. Phone, P.K. 1374.

Medical, surgical, obstetrical, gynaecological.

Out-patients :—8 to 10 a.m. and 3 to 5 p.m. daily.

Dental Dept., 9 to 10 a.m., Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

Eye Clinic, 3 to 5 p.m., Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

Anti-rabic Treatment, 10 a.m. daily.

Emergency Dept. :—Open day and night.

In-Patients :—Normally 125 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Shree Vishuddhananda Saraswati Marwari Hospital—118

Amherst Street. Phone, B.B. 1030.

Medical, surgical, obstetrical, gynaecological.

Treatment in Allopathic, Homoeopathic and Ayurvedic.

Out-Patients :—8 to 11 a.m. and 5 to 6 p.m. daily.

In-Patients:—320 beds. Visiting hours, 7 to 8 a.m. and 12 to 4p.m. daily.

Tuberculosis Hospital— Jadabpur. Phone, P. K. 1821.

Vaida Shastra Pith and Hospital—294/3/1 Upper Circular Road.

Phone, B.B.4159. National Ayurvedic Treatment.

Out-Patients :—8 to 10 a.m. daily.

In-Patients :—Normally 75 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Veterinary Hospital—1 Ahiripukur Road.

Veterinary Hospital—429 Grand Trunk Road North, Howrah. Phone, Howrah 266.

Veterinary Hospital and Dispensary —Police Hospital Road.

Vishwanath Ayarveda College and Hospital—94 Grey Street. Phone, B.B. 1841.

Medical, surgical, obstetrical, gynaecological.

Out-Patients :—8 Co 11 a.m. daily.

In-Patients :—Normally 58 beds. Visiting hours, 11a.m. to 2 p.m. daily.

Voluntary Venereal Hospital—3 Bhowanipore Road.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Maternity homes

Baldeodass Maternity Home and Hospital—22 Nilmani Mitra Street. Phone, B.B. 568.

Chetia Maternity Home—10 Moyerpore Road. Phone, South 696.

Kidderpore Maternity Home—47 EkbatporeRoad. Phone, South 641.

Maniktala Maternity Home—237 Maniktala Main Road. Phone, B.B.4212.

Matri Mandir Maternity Home and Child Welfare Centre—128 Lansdowne Road,

Out-Patients :—7 to 10 a.m. dally.

In-Patients : —23 beds. Visiting hours, 5 to 7 p.m. daily.

Ramakrishna Mission Shishumangal Pratishthan (Maternity Home and Child Welfare Centre)—99 Lansdowne Road. Phone, South 1234.

This Institution was established in 1932 with the object of educating the public about the vital importance of adequate maternity and child care. to render efficient ante-natal, natal and post-natal care to all mothers, and to train midwives.

Out-Patients :—10 to 12 noon daily. On Saturdays and Sundays, 10 to 12 noon and 4 to 6 p.m.

In-Patients :—100 beds : 50 for mothers and 50 for new-born babies.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Achinta Mohan Homoeo. Dispensary—10 B Mohini Mohan Road.

Amrita Charitable Dispensary—67 Surendra Nath Banerjee Road.

Ashutosh Homeo. College and Dispensary—123 Bow Bazar Street.

Ayurvedic Charitable Dispensary—51 Cotton Street.

Baikantanath Charitable Dispensary—12 Dass Lane.

Ballygunge Dispensary—23 Rustomjee Street.

Bechulal Dispensary—7/1 Kamardanga Road.

Chandney Charitable Dispensary—4 Temple Street.

Cbitpore Dispensary—3 Gopal Chunder Mukerjee Road.

Chittaranjan Free Unani Dispensary— 4 Kanat Sil Street.

Chittaranjan Homoeopathic College and Charitable Dispensary— 97A Harish Mukerjee Road.

Islamia Hospital and Charitable Dispensary—1 Bolai Dutt Street. Phone, B.B. 2551.

Jogendra Homoeopathic Dispensary—84 Shambazar Street.

Kangally Chandra Mullick Homoeopathic Dispensary—17 Sambhu Babu Lane.

Kidderpore Charitable Dispensary—36 Pipe Road. Phone, South 74.

Manicklal Seal Charitable Dispensary—33 Canal South Road. Phone, Cal. 2465.

Maniktala Dispensary—109 Narkeldanga Main Road. Phone, B.B.2191.

Mohamed Ali Hospital and Dispensary—7 Amratola Lane.

Presidency Medical School and Charitable Dispensary—29 Russa Road. Phone. South 1052.

Prince Golam Mohamed Charitable Dispensary—Tollygunge. Phone, South 854.

Rai Serajmull Bahadur's Charitable Dispensary—6 Mullick Street.

Sagore Dutt Charitable Hospital and Dispensary— Kamarhatti. Phone, B.B. 3181.

Taltola Dispensary—58 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 134.

Tangra Dispensary—108 Chingrihatta Road.

Ultadanga Dispensary—123 Ultadanga Main Road.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Ambart, Dr. C., M.D.—19A Stephen Court, Park St, Phe., Cal. l5l5.

Anderson, Lt.-Col. F.J., M.C., F.R.C.S., I.M.S.—5 Pretoria Street. Phone, P.K. 293.

Baker, Dr. J.E.G., M.R.C.S., L.R.C-P.—16 Park Lane. Phone, P.K. 1873.

Bardhai., Major P., M.B., M.R.C.P., F.R.C.S.—23 Royd Street. Phone, P.K. 189.

Berkeley-Hill, Lt.-Col. Owen, M.A., D.M.,etc.--6 Harrington Street. Phone. P.K, 676.

Bonerjee, Sir B., M.A, M.D., etc.—10 P. K. Tagore Street, Phone, B.B. 296.

Brachio, Major J.J.A.B., I.M.D.—5 Theatre Rd. Phone, P.K. 581.

Brahmachari, Sir U.N., M.A., M.D., Ph.D.—19 Loudon Street. Phone, P,K. 917.

Chakraverti, Dr. J., M.B., etc.—50 Dobson Rd. Phe., Howrah 166.

Chandra, Dr. S.R., M.B., L.R.C P., F.R.C.S., etc.—3 Chowringhee Mansions. Phone, Cal. 865.

Chatterjee, Capt. S.C.—4 Victoria Terrace. Phone, P.K. 331.

Chatterjee, Dr. S.P., M.B., D.T.M.—64 Sambhunath Pundit Street. Phone. P.K. 731.

Chopra, Col. R.N., C.I.E., UA., M.D., etc.—l Deodar Street. Phone, Alipore 278.

Dai, Dr. S.K., M.B., D.T-M.—65 Gokul Boral Street, Phone, Cal. 2535.

Denham-White, Lt.-Col. A., M.B.. B.S., F.R.C.S., I.M.S.—4 Asoka Road, Alipore. Phone, South 386.

Domenicone, Dr. A., M.D. (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist)—12/1 Stephen Court, 18 Park Street. Phone. Cal. 633.

Galitaun, Dr. G., M.A.. M.R.C.S.. L.R.C.P,. etc.—34 Chowringhee Road, Phone, Cal. 2771.

Kelly, Major Eward, F.R.C.P., I.M.S.—9(4 Middleton Row. Phone, P.K.1105.

Kirwan, Lt.-Col. E-0'G., C.I.E., M.D., F.R.C.S.I., I.M.S. (Eye Specialist)—6 Little Russell Street. Phone. P.K. 231.

MacGilchrist, Lt.-Col. A.C., M.A., M.D.—9 Mandeville Gardens.Phone, P.K- 523.

Mallya, Lt.-Col. B.G., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., I.M.S.—135 Lower Circular Road. Phone, Regent 460.

Mitra, Capt. S.C., M.A., M.D., etc.—231/l Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 391.

Mukerji, Capt. P.B., M.B., etc.—26 Ritchie Rd. Phone, South 891.

Mulmy, Lt.-Col. H.E., B.A., M.D., M.Ch., I.M.S.—243 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 250.

Nairn, Dr. Stanley, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.—9 Middleton Street. Phone, P.K. 2007.

Napier. Dr. L. E.—20 King Edward Court, Chowringhee Road. Phone, F.K. 119.

Norrie, Dr. F.H.B., M.D., F.R.C.S.—13 Harrington Street. Phone, P.K. 1631.

O'Connor. Dr. Maurice, M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., LJI..CP.—2/2 Harrington Street. Phone, P.K. 700.

Pegg, Dr. Arthur, F.R.CS., M.B., B.S.—2;; Harrington Street. Phone. P.K. 700.

Pushong, Dr. E.S.—I Chapel Road, Hastings. Phone, South 583.

Roy. Dr. S., M,B.. M.Sc., F.R-C.S., D.L.O. (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist)—8 Esplanade East. Phone, Cal. 1549.

Roy Chaudhuri, Dr. U.N., Rai Bahadur—P70 Rash Behari Avenue. Phone, P,K. 704-

Shorten. Lt.-Col. J.A., B.A., M.B., M.R.C.P., I.M.S. (Retd.)—34 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 2771.

Sinha, Dr. R., B.Sc-, M.B.. M.R.C.S., etc.—54 Garcha Road. Phone, P.K.2738.

Treu, Dr. R., M.D-—9A Lord Sinha Road. Phone. P.K. 1122.

Ukil, Dr. A.C.—3 Creek Row- Phone, Cal. 5629.

Voegeli. Dr. Martha, M.A., B.D., M.D.—l Upper Wood Street. Phone, P.K. 210.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Nursing Homes & Institutes

Bengal National Nurses' Bureau (Day and Night Calls)—Phone, B.B. 2731.

Bengal Nursing Home, Ltd.—5A Beadon Street. Phone, B.B. 2018.

Calcutta Hospital Nurses' Institution—Allahabad Bank Buildings, Royal Exchange Place. Phone. Cal. 2270.

Calcutta Nurses' Association (Day and Night Calls)—65A Dharam tala Street. Phone, Cal. 996.

Calcutta Nursing Home—231/1 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 391.

City Nurses' Bureau—I2/C Lansdowne Road. Phone, P.K. 1217.

Elgin Nursing Home—5 &. 6 Elgin Road. Phone, P.K. 442.

Ideal Nurses' Home (New)—83 Bow Bazar Street. Phe., B.B. 1706.

Indian Nurses' Association (Nurses and Midwives for Day and Night Calls)—49 Dharamtala Street.

Lady Lytton Club and Employment Bureau for Hospital Nurses, (Yule House)—6 Suburban Hospital Road. Phone, P.K. 1414.

Lady Minto's Nursing Association—16/1 Loudon Street. Phone, P.K.1138.

Lady Rogers Indian Nurses' Hostel—44 Elgin Rd. Phe., P.K, 1013.

Nurses' Academy (Indian and European Nurses and Midwives for Day and Night Calls)—19 Colootola Lane. Phone, B.B. 2731.

Nurses' Association—39 Harrison Road, Phone. B.B. 5908.

Nurses' Association (Sarojini Mullick's) Nurses and Midwives—, 51/'1A Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 4545.

Nurses' Bureau—335 Upper Chitpore Road. Phone,B.B. 114.

Nurses' Bureau (Miss G. Browning's)—15 Eiliott Road. Phone, P.K.699.

Nurses' Corporation—58B New Park Street. Phone, P,K. 486.

Nurses' Home (Day and Night)—76 Harrison Road. Phe.. B.B-4411.

Nurses' Union (Sister T. Ghose's)—1/1/1B College Square East. Phone, B,B. 5156.

Park Nursing Home—4 Victoria Terrace. Phone, P.K. 531.

Riordan Nursing Home—5 Suburban Hospital Road. Phone, P.K. 661.

Swiss Private Nursing Home—1 Upper Wood Street. Phone, P.K,220.

Tropical Nurses' Institute and Home—139/3 Russa Road. Phone, South 465.

Unique Nurses'Home—85 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 1930.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Ahmed, Dr.R., D.D.S., F.LC.D.—12/1 Esplanade East. Phone. Cal. 4785.

Ali, Dr. M.S., L.D.Sc.—38 Wellesley Street. Phone, P.K. 554.

Amkam Dental Clinic, (M.K. Mehta)—11 Lindsay St. Phe., Cal. 5896.

Barory, Dr. N.C., D.D.S.—B2 Bharat Bhawan, Meredith Street. Phone, Cal. 4766.

Bose, Dr. A.N., L.D.S., R.F.P.S.—26 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 4763.

Calcutta Dental College and Hospital. Page 193.

City Dental College and Hospital—24/2 Cornwallis Street Phone, B.B, 3933.

Constantinides, Dr. G.E., D.D.S.—35 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 4398.

Doctor, Dr. P.M., D.M.D.—1B Little Russell Street, Phe., P.K. 10.

Duncan Bros. (Dentists)—1 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 584.

Enversaid. Dr., D.E.D.P.—7 Park Mansions, 57 Park Street Phone, Cal. 1656.

Gerber, Dr. W. L., D.M.D.—Z5 Stephen Court, Park Street. Phone, Cal. 4546.

Jennings, Dr. B.R., L.D.S., R.C.S.—39 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 137.

Laha, Dr., & Sons (Dentists)—52 College Street. Phone, B.B. 4227.

Metropolitan Dental Co. (Dr. Winster)—2 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 2050.

Neogi, Dr. S.P., D.D.S.—8/1 Esplanade East. Phone. Cal. 2614.

Nippon Dental Surgery (Dr. T. Watanabe, D.D.S.)—20 Park Street. Phone Cal, 3518.

Parsee Dental Hall—8 Esplanade East. Phone, Cal. 2702.

Smith Bros, Ltd.—9 Chowringhee Road- Phone, Cal. 4738.

Taylor. Dr. H.A., L.D.S., R.C.S.—39 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 137.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Butto Kristo Paul & Co., Ltd.—1 & 3 Bonfield Lane. Phone Cal. 4510.

Calcutta Optical Co.—45 Amherst Street. Phone, B.B. 1717.

City Opticians, The—Grand Hotel Arcade. 15/8 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 1277.

Easter Optical Co.—306 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, Cal. 2016.

Edulji. K. & Sons—5 Dharamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 710.

Eye-Site—24 Lindsay Street. Phone, CaL 3848.

General Optical Co.—3/1 Russa Road.

Grinell Optician—44 Free School Street. Phone, Cal. 6215.

James Murray & Co.—5 Old Court House Street. Phe., Cal. 1216.

Lawrence & Mayo. Ltd.—11 Government Place East. Phe., Cal. 872.

National Optical Co.—14 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, Cal. 957.

Optico, Dr. Juan's—11 Esplanade Corner, East, Phone, Cal. 1497.

Manufacturing House—309 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, Cal. 3684.

Optik Haus—ll Esplanade East. Phone, Cal. 3399,

Optikovue—42 Dharamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 6239.

Presidency Pharmacy—205 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 1752.

Stephens & Co. —23 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 5052.

Walter Buthnell, Ltd.—21 Old Court House Street. Phe., Cal. 1859.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Charitable Homes & Institutions

Apostleship of the Sea: Catholic Institute for Seafarers—51 Ekbatpore Road, Kidderpore.

Armenian Almshouse—18 Pollock Street.

Bruce Institution for the education and maintenance of Anglo-Indian Girls—Writers Building. Block No. 1.

Calcutta Muslim Orphanage—8 Syed Salley Lane. Phone, B.B. 2536.

Calcutta Orphanage for Hindu Children—12/1 Balaram Ghose St.

Calcutta Pinjrapole Society—34 Armenian Street. Phone, B. B. 584.

Calcutta Prisoners' Aid Society—5B Maharani Surnomoyi Road.

Catholic Male Orphanage—15 Portuguese Church Street.

Chinese Almshouse—16/1 Blackburn Lane.

Convent of Our Lady of Providence—75 Lower Circular Road.

DeSouza Charities—3 Royd Street For indigent Anglo-Indians.

Doucett Charitable Fund—3 Royd, Street. For Anglo-Indian widows and orphans only.

Govinda Kumar Home—Panihati. Phone, Barrackpore 51.

Gujarati Shree Jain Dharamsala—96 Canning Street.

Haranabayi Widows' Industrial Home—53 Hazra Road.

Indian Red Cross Society—5 Government Place North. Phe., Cal. 58.

Jewish Women's League—8 Pollock Street.

Loreto Orphanage (Convent)—! Convent Lane, Entally.

Mary Cooper Home. See page 152.

Marwari Relief Society (a philanthropic organisation)—391 Upper Chitpore Road. Phone, B.B- 2990.

Mulvany House—11 Corries Church Lane.

Niawa Hitaishini Sabha and Orphanage—5B New Bow Bazar Lane. The object of this Institution is : to maintain and train up helpless boys of Hindu families, to grant regular monthly help to Hindu widows and to give occasional relief to persons in emergent cases.

Rainkrishna Society, Anath Bhandar—17 Mahendra Sircar Lane.

Rescue Home for Minor Girls—43 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P. K.923.

Salvation Army Men's Industrial Home for Anglo-Indians and Europeans —173 Lower Circular Road.

Salvation Army Women's Industrial Home for Indians—Behala.

Society for the Protection of Children in India—24 Camac Street. Phone, P.K. 2077.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul—3 Dharamtala Street.

St. Andrew's Colonial Homes (Kalimpong)—4 Middleton Row- The idea of establishing a Home for Kalimpong School-boys in Calcutta, originated with Dr. Graham, C. I. E., and the scheme was given a concrete form when Sir Archibald Birkmyre, in 1925, built and fully furnished for the purpose a magnificent Hostel, which bears his name, at No. 4 Middleton Row.

St. Paul's Mission Orphanages—13 Scott Lane and 73 Serpentine Lane.

Stuart Clark Hostel—11 Mission Row.

Women's Friendly Society—29 Park Lane. Phone, P.K. 906.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




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Government, Military & Diplomacy



        Bengal Government


        Calcutta Corporation


        the Bengal legislative


          ___Political Parties_____________________________________






        Foreign Consulates

America (U. S. A.)—9 &. 10 Esplanade Mansions. Phone, Cal.249.

Argentine—5 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 4804.

Belgium—9 Pretoria Street. Phone, P.K. 772.

Bolivia—7 Old Court House Street, Phone, Cal. 770.. .

Brazil—36 Galstaun Mansions, Park Street. Phone, Cal. 5259.

China—30 Stephen Court, 18B Park Street. Phone, Cal. 1011.

Cuba—36 Galstaun Mansions, Park Street. Phone, Cal. 5259.

Denmark—4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5500.

Dominica—104 Sova Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 5067.

Ecuador—6 Lyons Range.

Estonia—Mercantile Buildings, 12 Lall Bazar Street. Phe., Cal. 2666.

Finland—10 Clive Street- Phone, Cal. 981.

France—15 Stephen Court, 18B Park Street- Phone, Cal. 2603.

Greece—4 Esplanade Row East. Phone, Cal. 2455.

Honduras—10 P. K. Tagore Street. Phone, B.B. 296.

Hungary—Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 4626.

Italy—2 Camac Street- Phone, P.K. 1608.

Japan—5 & 6 Esplanade Mansions. Phone, Cal. 4041.

                25/'l Ballygunge Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 582.

Netherlands—F1 Clive Buildings. Phone. Cal. 440.

Nicaragua—10 P. K. Tagore Street. Phone, B.B. 296.

Norway—22 Canning Street. Phone, Cal. 4027.

Panama—35 Chowringhee Road.

Peru—36 Galstaun Mansions, Park Street. Phone. F.K. 3248.

Portugal—10 Old Post Office Street. Phone. Cal. 2716.

Siam—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6670.

Spain—55 Lansdowne Road. Phone, P.K. 746.

Sweden—2 Asoka Road, Alipore- Phone, South 986.

Switzerland—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 1151.

Turkey— Mercantile Buildings, 12 Lall Bazar Street. Phe., Cal. 2666.

Uruguay—5 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 4804.

Venezuela—7 Council House Street.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




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Business Hours :—10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays—to 1 p.m.
Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

Allahabad Bank, Ltd.—6 Royal Exchange Place. Phone, Cal 5827.

American Express Co., Inc.—14 Government Place East, Phone, Cal. 5005.

Ballygunge Bank, Ltd.—6 Tilak Road. Phone, South 1529.

Bank of Commerce, Ltd.—12 Clive Street. Phone. Cal. 3373.

Bank of India, Ltd.—9A Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 1126.

Bengal Bank, Ltd.—7 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 2073.

Bengal Central Bank, Ltd.—86 Clive Street. Phone, Cal 700.

Bengal Provincial Co-operative Bank, Ltd.—3/2 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal. 1412.

Bhowanipore Banking Corporation, Ltd.—47 Ashutosh Mukerjee Road. Phone. South 28.

Calcutta Commercial Bank, Ltd.—2 Clive Ghat Street. Phone, Cal. 1759.

Calcutta National Bank, Ltd.—14/5 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 6310.

Calcutta People’s Bank, Ltd.—12 Dalhousie Square. Phe., Cal. 660.

Central Bank of India, Ltd.—100 Clive Street. Phone. Cal. 4585.

                Branches—8A Russa Road. Phone, South 791.

                                71 Cross Street. Phone, B.B. 4901.

                                10 Lindsay Street. Phone, Cal 3267.

                                133 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 1929.

Central Calcutta Bank, Ltd.—3 Hare Street Phone, Cal. 2125.

Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China—2 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6945.

Comilla Banking Corporation, Ltd.—1 Clive Ghat Street. Phone, Cal. 3174.

                Branches-                8 Pugiaputty Street. Phone, B.B. 4074.

                                5 Hastings Street. Phone, Cal 1972.

                                139/3 Russa Road. Phone, South 1121.

Comilla Union Bank, Ltd.—10 Clive Street. Phone, Cal 5877.

Continental Bank of Asia, Ltd.—102/1 Clive Street. Phe., Cal. 5890

                Branch— 93 Rash Behari Avenue. Phone, South 480.

East Bengal Bank, Ltd.—102/1 Clive Street. Phone. Cal. 4989.

Eastern Bank. Ltd.—9 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 5355.

Federated Commercial Bank, Ltd.—9 Clive Row. Phe., Cal. 2965.

Grindlay & Co., Ltd.—6 Church Lane- Phone, Cal. 14.

Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation—31 Dalhousie Square. Phone. Cal. 3205.

Imperial Bank of India—1, 2 & 3 Strand Road. Phone, Cal. 7140.

                Branches -154 Russa Road. Phone, South 1027.

                                195 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 1027.

                                8 Clive Street. Phone. Cal. 2178.

                                9 Grand Trunk Road. Phone, Howrah 420.

                                Galstaun Mansions, Park Street. Phone, Cal. 1977

                                138/2 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 4612.

Incorporated Bank, Ltd.—3 Commercial Buildings. Phe., Cal. 5226.

India Associated Bank, Ltd.—14 Clive Street. Phone. Cal, 1744.

Karnani Industrial Bank, Ltd.—3 Synagogue Street. Phe., B.B. 497.

Lloyd’s Bank, Ltd.—101/1 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4520.

                Branch—37 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 780.

Luxmi Industrial Bank, Ltd.—84 Chowringhee. Phe., P.K. 1168.

Mercantile Bank of India, Ltd.—8 Clive Street. Phone. Cal. ,830.

                Branch—21 Grand Trunk Road. Phone, Howrah 100.

National Bank of India, Ltd.—104 Clive Street, Phone, Cal. 5396.

National City Bank of New York—4 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3875.

National Mercantile Bank, Ltd.—14 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 6264.

Nederlandsch Indische Handelsbank, N. V. (Netherlands-India Commercial Bank)—l Royal Exchange Place. Phone. Cal. 2861.

P. & 0, Banking Corporation, Ltd.—l Fairlie Place. Phe., Cal. 5686.

Punjab National Bank, Ltd.—135/136 Canning St. Phone, Cal. 919.

Reserve Bank of India—8 Council House Street. Phone, Cal. 6140.

The Issue Department, Calcutta Branch, is housed at the Currency Office, 1 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal. 3942.

Tho’m. Cook & Son (Banker’s) Ltd.—4 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal. 5560-

Union Bank of Bengal, Ltd.—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 916.

                Branch—Lake Road Market. Phone, South 1127.

Yokohama Specie Bank, Ltd.—102/1 Clive Street. Phe., Cal. 5211.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Insurance companies

Allianz und Stuttgarter Life Insurance Bank, Ltd.— 4 Esplanade East, Phone, Cal, 3337.

AH India United Assurance Co., Ltd.—102 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4552.

Asiatic Government Security Life Assurance Co., Ltd.—15 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 35-10.

Assicurazioni Generali. Branch Office for India—6 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 3015.

Atlas Assurance Co.. Ltd. (with which is incorporated The Manchester Assurance Co.) —4 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 6992.

Batavia Sea & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.—4 Lyons Range. Phone, Cal. 4358.

Bengal Insurance and Real Property Co., Ltd.—2 Church Lane. Phone. Cal. 5842.

Bengal Mercantile Life Insurance Co., Ltd.—1 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 5185.

Bharat Insurance Co., Ltd.—3 Chittaranjan Avenue. Phone, Cal. 2646

Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society, Ltd.—100 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4274.

British India General Insurance Co., Ltd.—2 Old Court House Corner. Fhone, Cal. 6645.

Calcutta Insurance. Ltd.—86 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 700.

Caledonian Insurance Co,.—B3 Clive Buildings, Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 2560-

Century Insurance Co.. Ltd.—B3 Clive Buildings, Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 2560.

China Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.—8 Clive Street. Phe., Cal. 3698.

Clive Insurance Co.. Ltd.—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6669.

Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd-—32 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 1

Cornhill Insurance Co., Ltd.—6 Clive Row. Phone, Cal., 3015

Eagle Star & British Dominions Insurance Co., Ltd.—21 Strand Road. Phone, Cal. 3712

Eastern Federal Union Insurance Co. Ltd.—9 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 7060.

Empire of India Life Assurance Co.. Ltd.—28 Dalhousie Square- Phone, Cal- 2046.

Fine Art & General Insurance Co.. Ltd.—103 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4320.

General Accident, Fire & Life Insurance Corporation, Ltd.— 7 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 3171.

Hindusthan Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd. —Hindusthan Buildings, 6A Surendra Nath Baneriee Road. Phone, Cal 1173.

Indian Life Assurance Co., Ltd.—41 Stephen House, Dalbousie Square. Phone, Cal. 936.

Indian Mercantile Insurance Co.. Ltd.—22 Carmine Street. Phone, Cal. 2127.

"La Concorde" Insurance Co., Ltd. of Paris; (Branch Office for India)—6 Clive Row, Phone, Cal. 3015.

Law Union & Rock Insurance Co., Ltd.—28 Dalhousie Square West. Phone, Cal. 4926.

Liverpool & London & Globe Innuance Co., Ltd.—26 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 1102.

Lloyds of London : (Agents, Maitland-Heriot & Co.)—5 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 78.

London & Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd.—2 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5100.

London & Scottish Assurance Corporation, Ltd.—7 Hare Street. Phone. Cal. 2818.

Manufacturers Life Insurance Co.,—27 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 4210.

Metropolitan Insurance Co., Ltd.—4B Council House Street. Phone, Cal. 2995.

Motor Union Insurance Co., Ltd.—1 &. 2 Old Court House Corner. Phone, Cal. 3320.

National Employers' Mutual General Insurance Association. Ltd. : (Agents, Maitland-Heriot & Co.)—101C Ballygunge Place. Phone, P.K. 1885.

National Fire & General Insurance Co., Ltd.—7 Council House Street. Phone, Cal. 5726.

National Indian Life Insurance Co., Ltd-—12 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 6620.

National Mutual Life Association of Australia. Ltd.— Chartered Bank Buildings, Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6040.

New Zealand Insurance Co., Ltd.—26 Dalhousie Square West. Phone, Cal. 5008.

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co.. Ltd.—101/1 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4733.

Northern Assurance Co., Ltd.—7 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 2818.

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society, Ltd.—2 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 97.

Norwich Union Mutual Life Insurance Society—6 Lyons Range. Phone, Cal. 4700.

Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation, Ltd.—32 Dalhousie Square- Phone, Cal. 1022.

Oriental Government Security Life Assurance Co., Ltd.— 2 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 500.

Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd.—28 Dalhousie Square. Phe, Cal. 95.

Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd.—8 Clive St. Phone, Cal. 6666.

Queensland Insurance Co., Ltd.—1 Clive Ghat Street. Phone, Cal. 2591.

Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation—1 & 2 Old Court House Corner. Phone, Cal. 2000.

Royal Insurance Co., Ltd.—26 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal 55.

Scottish Union & National Insurance Co., Ltd.—6 Lyons Range- Phone, Cal. 3000.

South British Insurance Co., Ltd.—3/5 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 5320.

South Indian General Assurance Co., Ltd.—9 Dalhousie Square East- Phone, Cal. 2359.

Standard Lire Assurance Coy.—32 Dalhousie Square South. Phone, Cal, 1801.

Sun Lire Assurance Co. of Canada—12 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal- 1387.

Union Insurance Society of Canton, Ltd.—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3698.

Unique Assurance Co., Ltd.—lA Vansittart Row.Phe., Cal. 1719

United India Life Assurance Co.. Ltd.—21 Chittaranjan Avenue South. Phone, Cal. 6170.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Mercantile Firms

A. E. G. India Electric Co., Ltd. Electrical Engineers and Contractors for electrical goods and appliances—Avenue House, Chowringhee Square. Phone, Cal, 5763.

Adair Dutt & Co., Ltd. Merchants, Agents and Dealers in chemicals and surveying instruments—5 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 444.

Air Conditioning Corporation, Ltd. Agents for air conditioning plant and equipment—8 Esplanade Mansions- Phone, Cal. 1076.

Alcock, W. J., & Co. Consulting Engineers for chemical and allied trades—7 Hastings Street- Phone, Cal. 2052.

Alfred Herbert (India) Ltd. Agents for machine tools and work-shop equipment—13/3 Strand Road, Phone. Cal. 4800.

Allen Berry & Co., Ltd. Automobile Engineers, oxy-acetylene and electric welders and motor car importers—Works, 62 Hazra Road. Phone, P.K. 1800. Showrooms, 24B Park Street. Phone, P.K. 2100.

Aluminium Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of aluminium utensils, etc.—4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 2375.

Amritlal Ojha & Co., Ltd. Merchants, Agents and Exporters of coal, rice, gunny, etc.—102/A Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6476.

Anderson Wright & Co. Merchants and Agents—22 Strand Road. Phone, Cal. 4300.

Andrew Yule & Co., Ltd. Managing Agents for Jute Mills, Tea Estates, Coal Companies, Insurance Companies, Steamer Companies, etc.—8 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 5280.

Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. (India) Ltd.—31 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 5150.

Anglo-Swiss Watch Co. Watchmakers, Jewellers, Silversmiths— 6 &. 7 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal. 2246.

Antoine Bentz. Manufacturers' Representative for pharmaceutical patent medicines, perfumery, paper, etc.—5 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 1838.

Arathoon, A, M., Ltd.—Manufacturer and Exporter of shellac and button lac—11 Stephen House, Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 5905.

Army & Navy Stores, Ltd. Departmental Store—41 Chowringhee Road. Phone. P.K. 1313.

Asbestos & Belting Co., Ltd.—Agents for asbestos and belting—2 Clive Ghat Street. Phone, Cal. 977.

Associated Electrical Industries (India) Ltd. Engineers and Contractors for electric power and plant of all description—6 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 6974.

Associated Instrument Manufacturers (India) Ltd. Manufacturers of scientific instruments and apparatus—B5 Clive Buildings. Phone, Cal. 3304.

Atherton, G. & Co. (Eastern) Ltd. General Merchants, Importers and Manufacturers' Agents—4 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 393.

Avery, W. & T., Ltd. Manufacturers of weighing machines—28/2 Waterloo Street. Phone, Cal. 1731.

Babcock & Wilcox, Ltd. Parent water-tube boilers, superheaters, mechanical stokers, etc.—4 Bankshall Street. Phone, Cal. 3633.

Baldwin Locomotive Works, The, Locomotive Builders and Railway Engineers—5 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 657.

Balmer Lawrie & Co., Ltd. Merchants, Engineers and. Managing Agents for Electrical and Coal Companies, Paper and Flour Mills, Tea Estates, etc,—103 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4320.

Barry & Co. —Agents for Gourepore Paint Co., Tea Estates, etc.—2 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5100.

Bathgate & Co—Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Chemists—17, 18 & 19 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 434.

Baltey & Kemp. Merchants, Agents and Contractors: Garage Equipment Specialists—P6 Mission Row Extension. Phone, Cal. 4981.

Bess Dunlop & Co., Ltd. Merchants and Managing Agents for Tea Estates, Sugar Companies, Jure and Textile Mills—2 Hare Street, Phone, Cal. 4335.

Bellis & Morcom, Ltd. Manufacturers of heavy oil engines, steam turbines, etc.—A3 Clive Buildings, Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3950.

Bell's Asbestos and Engineering (India) Ltd. Asbestos packing and jointing. —A3 Clive Buildings, Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3443.

Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works, Ltd. Manufacturers of chemical, pharmaceutical and toilet preparations—94 Chittaranjan Avenue.  Phone. B.B.4101.

Bengal Potteries. Ltd. Manufacturers of porcelain and stoneware45 Tangra Road. Phone, Cal. 2970.

Bevan, T. E., & Co., Ltd. Dealers in sheet music and musical Instruments—21 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 303.

Billington, W, & Co., Ltd. Engineers and Contractors ; Specialists in Railway Materials—Stephen House, Dalhousie Sqre. Phe., Cal. 4248.

Bird & Co. Merchants and Managing Agents for Jute Mills, Collieries, Indian Patent Stone : Labour Contractors, etc—Chartered Bank Building, Royal Exchange Place. Phone, Cal. 6040.

Birkmyre Brothers. Manufacturers and Agents for hair and leather belting—8 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 4430.

Birla Brotherts Ltd. Managing Agents for Jute, Cotton, Sugar and Rice Mills, etc. —3 Royal Exchange Place. Phone. Cal. 562.

Blackwood Bryson & Co., Ltd. General Merchants ; Agents for Coleman Lamps, Underwood Typewriters, etc.—2 Mangoe Lane. Phone, Cal. 283.

Boots Pure Drug Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Chemises—Mercantile Buildings, 10 Lall Bazar Street. Phone, Cal. 2635.

Bourne & Shepherd. Artists and Photographer—141 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 658.

Braithwaite & Co. (India) Ltd. Structural Engineers—Hide Road, Kidderpore. Phone, South 1112.

Braithwaite, Burn & Jessop Construction Co., Ltd.—Mercantile Buildings, Lall Bazar. Phone, Cal. 1484.

Briggs, R. V., & Co., Ltd. Analytical, Consulting and Technical Chemists—3 & 4 Garstin Place. Phone. Cal. 2204.

Britannia Biscuit Co., Ltd. Biscuit Manufacturers—5/1A &. 5/1B Mangoe Lane. Phone, Cal, 5760.

British Insulated Cables, Ltd, Engineers, Cable Manufacturers and Contractors—9 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 4000.

Brooke Bond India, Ltd. Wholesale Tea Merchants, Blenders and Packers—2 Metcalfe Street. Phone, Cal. 3810.

Burmah-Shell Oil Storage & Distributing Co. of India. Ltd.— Hongkong House, Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 5150.

Burn & Co., Ltd. Engineers and Agents ; potteries, ironworks and waggon builders—12 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 6030.

Butlerworth & Co. (India) Ltd. Law and Medical Book Publishers- Avenue House, Chowringhee Square- Phone. Cal. 2900.

Butto Kristo Paul & Co., Ltd. Manufacturers and Agents for chemical and pharmaceutical preparations—1 &. 3 Bonfield Lane. Phone, Cal. 4510.

Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation, Ltd.—Phone, Cal. 6200. P. 24.

Calcutta Landing & Shipping. Co., Ltd. Boating Contractors— 4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 4627.

Calcutta Tramways Co., Ltd.—7 Church Lane. Phone, Cal. 308. P. 75.

Callender's Cable & Construction Co., Ltd. Engineers, Cable Manufacturers and Contractors —7 Pollock Street. Phone, Cal. 1825.

Caltex (India) Ltd.  Manufacturers of motor oils—21 Central Avenue. Phone, Cal. 1968.

Carrara Marble & Terrazzo Co., Ltd. Importers and Dealers in marble, tiles and mosaics—P12 Mission Row Extension. Phone, Cal. 4229.

Carreras (India) Ltd. Cigarette and Tobacco Manufacturers and Agents—Factory, Circular Garden Reach Road. Phone, South 202. Office, 21 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 2369.

Cox & King's (Agents) Ltd. Travel and Transport Agents—5 Bankshall Street. Phone, Cal. 7100.

Crossley Brothers, Ltd. Manufacturers of Crossley Gas and Oil Engines—4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5500.

Daniel Adamson & Co., Ltd. Engineers and Manufacturers of boilers, steam superheaters and turbo compressors—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3471.

Daulatram Rawatmull. Agents for Jute and Sugar Mills—178 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 4501.

Davenport & Co., Ltd. Merchants and Managing Agents for Tea Companies—6 Church Lane. Phone, Cal. 6220.

Davite Company, The. Belting and belt dressings—29 Waterloo— Street. Phone, Cal. 1927.

Dewar, John & Sons, Ltd. Wine Merchants—Dewar House,  12 &. 13 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 1077.

Dickinson, John, & Co., Ltd. Paper Merchants and Agents for machinery and printing materials—6 Clive Row. Phone, Cal, 6940.

Duncan Brothers & Co., Ltd. Managing Agents for Jure Mills, Tea Companies, etc—101 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 5411.

Dunlop Rubber Co. (India) Ltd. Manufacturers of motor tyres, tubes and accessories—57B Free School Street. Phone, Cal. 411.

Edwards, Lionel, Ltd. Freight and Steamship Agents—8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6360.

Elias, B. N. & Co., Ltd. Bone Mill Proprietors and Agents for The National Tobacco Co., Ltd., etc—Norton Buildings. Phone, Cal. 668.

English Electric Co., Ltd. Manufacturers and Agents for electrical machinery and apparatus —8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3922.

Finlay, James, & Co.. Ltd. Agents for Jute, Tea, Railway and Sugar Companies—1 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4600.

Fitze, Samuel, & Co., Ltd. Wine Merchants : Agents for Elgin Mills and Brushware, Ltd.—26 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 463.

Ford Motor Co. of India, Ltd. Automobile Engineers—2 Justice Chandra Madhab Road. Phone, P.K. 1102.

Francis Klein & Co. Ltd. Machinery Merchants and Agents—1 Royal Exchange Place. Phone, Cal. 4620.

Frank Ross & Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Chemists and Dealers Inphotographic goods—15(7 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 1199.

French Motor Car Co., Ltd. Automobile Engineers—234/3 LowerCircular Road. Phone, P.K. 300.

General Electric Co. (India) Ltd.—Electrical Engineers and Contractors :  Agents for electrical goods and appliances—Magnet House, Central Avenue. Phone, Cal. 4613.

Gestetner, D (India) Ltd. Manufacturers of Gestetner's Rotary Cyclostyle Machines—32 Grosvenor House, Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 380.

Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Merchants, Bankers and Importers : Managing Agents for Jute Mills, Tea Estates. Collieries, Railways, Insurance, Timber, Building and Engineering Companies, etc.—Clive Buildings, 8 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 6666.

Gladstone Wyllie & Co. Merchants and Agents for Steamship and Insurance Companies—4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 4626.

Glenfield & Kennedy, Ltd. Hydraulic Engineers: Manufacturers of water supply fittings— Fairlie House, 4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 1300.

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of steel safes and furniture—102 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 1407.

Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co. (India) Ltd. Manufactures of motor tyres, tubes and accessories—60 Chowringhee Road. Phe., P,K. 800.

Graham's Trading Co. (India) Ltd. Merchants and Agents for Steamship Companies —6 Lyons Range. Phone, Cal. 4700.

Gramophone Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of "His Master's Voice" Gramophones, Records and Radios—33 Jessore Road, Dum Dum. Phone, Regent 800.

Great Indian Motor Works, Ltd. Automobile Engineers— 12 Government Place East. Phone, Cal. 74-

Greaves Cotton & Co. Ltd. Electrical, Mechanical and Textile Engineers—4 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 692.

Guest, Keen, Willlams, Ltd. Railway Engineers and Hardware Manufacturers—7 Council House Street. Phone, Cal. 3790.

Hamilton & Co., Ltd. Jewellers—8 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal, 471.

Harrisons & Crosfield, Ltd. Merchants and Agents for Steamship and Tea Companies, etc.—6 Church Lane. Phone, Cal. 6220.

Heatly & Gresham, Ltd. Merchants, Engineers and Railway Specialists—6 Waterloo Street. Phone. Cal. 4724.

Heilgers, F. W. & Co. General Merchants and Agents for Collieries, Jure, Oil, Paper Mills; Paint Works, etc.—Chartered Bank Buildings, Royal Exchange Place. Phone, Cal. 6040.

Henderson, George, & Co.. Ltd. Agents for Insurance, Jute and Tea Companies—101/1 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4733.

Henley's Telegraph Works Co., Ltd., W. T. Engineers and Contractors : Manufacturers of electric wires and cables—Henley House, Old Court House Corner. Phone, Cal. 1346.

Hoare Miller & Co., Ltd. General Merchants. Managing Agents for The Calcutta Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.—5 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 4804.

Holmes, Wilson & Co., Ltd. Managing Agents for Britannia Building &. Iron Co., Ltd. and The Scar Iron Works—Central Bank Building. 100 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 3376.

Hooghly Docking & Engineering Co.. Ltd. Engineers and Shipbuilders—6 Howrah Road. Sulkea. Phone, Howrah 1.

Hoyle. Robson, Barnett & Co, (India) Ltd. Paint Manufacturers. Agents of Silvertown Lubricants (India) Ltd.—26 Middle Road, Entally. Phone, Cal. 5610.

Imperial Chemical Industries (India) Ltd. Sole Distributors in India, Burma and Ceylon for chemical fertilizers and dye products. Kynoch's, EIcy's and Nobel Cartridges, etc—18 Strand Road. Phone, Cal. 2165.

Imperial Tobacco Co. of India, Ltd. Cigarette and Tobacco ManufactureTS and Agents—Virginia House, 37 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 4815.

Indian General Navigation & Railway Co., Ltd.—4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5500.

Indian Cable Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of all classes of rubber insulated cables and wires—9 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 1000.

Indian Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.—12 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 6030.

Indian National Airways Ltd. Agents for Imperial Airways, Ltd. and Indian Transcontinental Airways—Victoria House,Chowringhee Square. Phone, Regent 870.

Ispahani, M. M., Ltd. Merchants and Agents for tea, hides, produce and shellac —51 Ezra Street. Phone, Cal. 3561.

Japan Cotton Trading Co., Ltd. Importers of cotton piece goods and silk yarn—15 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 7000.

Jardine, Menzies & Co. Architects, Consulting Engineers, Surveyors and Builders-2 & 3 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 1937.

Jardine, Skinner & Co. Merchants and Agents fot Jute Mills, Tea Estates; Coal, Insurance, Steamship Companies, etc.1 Clive Row. Phone. Cal. 6990.

Jenson & Nicholson (India) Ltd. Paint, Colour and Varnish Manufacturers—2 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5100.

Jessop & Co., Ltd.  Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers—93 Clive Street. Phone. Cal. 4900.

John King & Co., Ltd. Engineers, Shipbuilders, Founders and General Contractors—Victoria Engine Works, Howrah. Phone,
Howrah, 26.

Jones,Ivan, Ltd. Merchants and Manufacturers Agents—8 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 1029. Workshops and Factory, 206 Lower Circular Road. Phone. P.K. 390.

Jost't Engineering Co., Ltd. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Contractors —9B Mercantile Buildings, Lall Bazar. Phe., Cal. 4402.

Kedarnath Ramnath & Co. Merchants and Proprietors, Shiva Jute Press -130 Mechuabazar Street. Phone, B.B. 3850.

Kettlewell Bullen & Co., Ltd. Merchants; Agents for Tea and  Insurance Companies, Cotton and Jute Mills, etc.—21 Strand Road. Phone, Cal. 4901.

Keymer Bagshawe & Co., Ltd. Engineers; Agents for Jute and  Textile Companies, Coates Bros', printing inks, etc.—4 Lyons Range. Phone, Cal. 530.

Kilburm & Co. Merchants and Agents for The India General  Navigation & Rly- Co., Ltd. : Indian Cardboard Indmcries. Ltd. : Brickfields, Insurance. Tea and Coal Companies—4 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 5500.

Kodak, Ltd. Agents for cameras and photographic materials— 17 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 6650.

Krupp Indian Trading Co., Ltd. Railway equipment and locomotives—22 Canning Street. Phone, Cal. 3430.

Landale & Clark. Ltd. jute Merchants and Brokers: Fire and Marine Assessors and Salvage Contractors —11 Clive St. Phe., Cal. 5820.

Lipton, Ltd. Wholesale Tea and General Merchants—5 Council House Street. Phone, Cal. 5026.

Lyall Marshall & Co. Merchants and Agents for Carew &. Co. (Gin Manufacturers), Tea Estates, etc.—4 Fairlie Place. Phe., Cal. 168.

Mackenzie, G. & Co. (1919) Ltd, Automobile Engineers—208 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 1264.

Mackenzie, Lyall & Co. Estate Agents, Wine Merchants and Auctioneers ; Proprietors of "The Calcutta Exchange Gazette"— 5 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 5034.

Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Co. Agents for the B. I. S. N. Co., P. &. 0. S. N. Co. and other Steamship Companies—16 Strand Road.

Phone, Cal. 5100.

Mackintosh, Burn, Ltd. Architects, Surveyors, Builders, Contractors, Sanitary Engineers and Ironfounders—D2 Clive Buildings. Phone, Cal. 6666.

McLeod & Co.. Ltd. Merchants and Agents for Tea, Jute. Railway, Engineering and Insurance Companies—McLeod House, 28 Dalhousie Square West, Phone, Cal- 4926-

Macneill & Co. Merchants and Agents for ]ute Mills, Rope and Coal Companies. Tea Estates and Garden Reach Workshops, Ltd.— 2 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 6100.

Manton & Co. Gun, Rifle and Revolver Manufacturers and General Sports Goods Dealers—13 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 1903.

Marshall Sons & Co. (India) Ltd. Manufacturers of steam engines, boilers, tractors and tea-garden machinery—99 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 2236.

Martin & Co. Merchants and Building Contractors. Agents for Railways, Tea and Engineering Companies—12 Mission Row. Phone, Cal, 6020.

Metal Box Co. of India, Ltd. Tin Printers, and Tin Box Manufacturers—B2 Hide Road, Kidderpore. Phone, South 1344.

Minimax. Ltd.  Manufacturers of Fire Extinguishers—12 Lall Bazar Street. Phone, Cal. 1650.

Mitsubishi Shoji Kaisha, Ltd. Agents, for Steamship Companies135 Canning Street. Phone, Cal. 1860.

Mitsui Bussan Kaisha, Ltd. Merchants and Agents for Gunny Jute Presses, etc.—100 Clive Street. Phone, Cal, 5000.

Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Merchants and Agents for Japanese Steamship Companies—2/3 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 2036.

Norton, J. B., & Sons, Ltd. Sanitary Engineers—Norton Buildings, 1 &. 2 Old Court House Corner. Phone, Cal. 512.

Octavius Steel & Co. Ltd. Merchants and Agents for Tea Estates, Sugar and Coal Companies—14 Old Court House St, Phe., Cal. 146.

Oriental Gas Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of gas, coke, sulphate of ammonia. Works. 14 Canal West Road. Phone, B.B. 3001; Office, 12/A Park Street. Phone, Cal. 4200.

Osler. F. & C., Ltd. Electrical Engineers and Contractors—12 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 478.

Oxford Book & Stationery Co. Booksellers and Lending Librarians —17 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 1613.

Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.  Agents: Mackinnon Mackenzie &. Co.—16 Strand Road. Phone. Cal. 5100.

Philips Electrical Co. (India) Ltd. Manufacturers of electrical metal filament, lamps, fittings, radio products. X-ray material- Philips House, 2 Heysham Road. Phone, P.K. 1107.

Planters Stores & Agency Co., Ltd.  Agents for Tea Gardens,

Colliery and Mill Scores -11 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 5808.

Ralli Brothers. Ltd. Jute and Gunny and Seed Merchants, etc.— 16 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 5420.

Remfry & Son. Patent and Trade Mark Agents—Stephen House, Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 593.

Remington Rand Inc. Typewriters, duplicators and accessories3 Council House Street. Phone, Cal. 6930.

Reuters, Ltd. News Agency : General, Commercial, Financial and News Services—7 Hare Street. Phone, Cal. 100.

Rivers Steam Navigation Co., Ltd. Agents : Macneill & Co.— 2 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 6100.

Saxby & Farmer (India) Ltd. Railway Signal Engineers and Contractors17 Convent Road, Entally. Phone, Cal. 171.

Scott & Saxby, Ltd. Tube Well and Water Supply Engineers—19 British Indian Street. Phone, Cal. 1340.

Shalimar Paint, Colour & Varnish Co., Ltd.—6 Lyons Range. Phone, Cal. 5122.

Shaw Wallace & Co. Merchants and Agents for Tea and Insurance Companies, Flour and Cotton Mills, Collieries, The Atlas Fertilizer Works and The Tinplate Co. of India, Ltd.— Wallace House, 4/5 Bankshall Street. Phone. Cal. 5300.

Siemens (India) Ltd. Manufacturers of electrical goods—26 Central Avenue. Phons.Cal.4891.

Singer Sewing Machine Co.  Manufacturers of Singer Sewing achines and accessories— E2 Clive Buildings, Clive St. Phe., Cal. 1957.

Smith, Stanistreet &Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Chemists—Dispensary, 5 Dalhousie Square. Phone, Cal. 3618 , Factory, 18 Convent Road, Entally, Phone, Cal. 3617.

Standard Telephones & Cables Ltd. Manufactururs of telephone systems and cables, and radio transmitting and receiving equipment:—4 Esplanade East. Phone, Cal. 1255.

Standard- Vacuum Oil Co. Manufacturers and Importers of petrol, lubricating oils, etc.—6 Church Lane. Phone, Cal. 6460.

Staynor & Co. Auctioneers and Furniture Makers—40/1 Free School Street. Phone, Cal. 4998.

Steuart & Co., Ltd. Automobile Engineers—57 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 4575.

Stewarts and Lloyds of India, Ltd. Manufacturers and Stockists of wrought iron, steel tubes and fittings—Victoria House, Chowringhee Square. Phone. Cal. 6180. Workshops, Hide Road, Kidderpore. Phone. South 569.

Talbot & Co. Surveyors, Valuers, Land and Estate Agents—Tower House, Chowringhee Square, Phone, Cal. 1617.

Tata Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.—102 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 5512.

Tata Sons, Ltd.—102 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 4477.

Thacker Spink & Co. (1933) Ltd. Booksellers, Publishers, Stationers and Printers—3 Esplanade East- Phone, Cal. 176.

Thomas Cook & Son, Ltd. Tourist Bureau : Shipping and Forwarding Agents—4 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal. 5560.

Thomson, T. E., & Co., Ltd. Founders, Hardware and Metal Merchants—9 Esplanade East. Phone, Cal. 102.

Thornycroft (India) Ltd. Agents for Thornycroft Commercial Vehides—60 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P. K. 1796.

Turner Morrison & Co., Ltd. Merchants and Agents for Collieries and Tar Products. Steamer Companies and Rope Works—6 Lyons Range. Phone, Cal. 5l22.

Wakefield, C. C., & Co., Ltd. Manufacturers and Importers of lubricating oils and lubricators—7 Royal Exchange Place. Phe., Cal. 986.

Walford Transport, Ltd, Automobile Engineers and Transport Agents—71;73 Park Street. Phone, P. K. 1620; Service Station and Stores, 117-119 Park Street. Phone, P.K. 492.

    Storage; Hide Road, Kidderpore. Phone, South 559.
    Petrol Depot and Breakdown Lorry; 46/1A Chowringhee. Phone, P.K. 1120.

Whiteaway Laidlaw & Co., Ltd. General Departmental Store— 7 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 5204.

William Jack & Co. Engineers and Importers of pneumatic tools caterpillar tractors, etc-—10 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 981.

Williamson, Magor & Co. Agents for Venesta, Ltd., Union Oil Co., Tea Companies, etc.—4 Mangoe Lane- Phone, Cal. 5208.

Worthington-Simpson, Ltd.  Civil and Mechanical Engineers: Pumping Machinery Manufacturers—10 Clive Street. Phe., Cal. 458.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



British Paints,(India) Limited – Chowringhee Road


(Source: Contributors)



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Sunday : —Service and Sermon, 9 a.m.

Christ Church—182 Cornwallis Street. Services in Bengali.
Sunday:—Matins and Sermon, 8 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6-30 p.m.
Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.

St. Barnabas' Church—46 Dent Mission Road, Kidderpore. Built 1867. Services in Bengali.

Sunday :—Holy Communion, 7-30 a.m.;

Evensong and Sermon, 6-30 p.m.

Wednesday :—Holy Communion, 7 a.m. Friday—Evensong, 6-30 p.m.

St. George's Church (Bishop Lefroy Memorial)—66 Ananda Palit Road, Entally- Built 1935. Services in Bengali.

Sunday :—Sung Eucharist, 7-30 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6-15 p.m.

St. James' Church—167 Lower Circular Road. Built 1864-
Sunday :—Holy Communion, 6-30 a.m.; Sung Eucharist and Sermon. 7-30 a.m.; Solemn Eucharist and Sermon. 9 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6 p.m.; Holy Baptism, 4 p.m.
Weekdays :—(except Saturdays)—Holy Communion, 6-30 a.m.

St. John's Church—Council House Street. Built 1787. Page 60.

St. Mark's Church—42 Sankaritola Lane- Services in Bengali.

Sunday :—Holy Communion, 8 a-m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6 p.m.

St. Mary's Church—45 Elgin Road. Built 1888. Services usually in Bengali.

Sunday :—Holy Communion, 6-30 a.m.; Sung Eucharist, 8 a.m.;

Evensong, arid Sermon, 6-30 p.m.

Weekdays :—(except Saturdays)—Holy Communion, 6-30 a.m.

St. Nicholas' Church—Nimakmahal Road, Kidderpore. Built 1935.
Sunday :—Sung Eucharist and Holy Communion, 8 a.m.
Evensong and Sermon, 7-30 p.m.

St. Paul's Cathedral—Chowringhee Road. Page 44.

St. Paul's Mission Church—29 Scott Lane. Built 1880,
Sunday :—Holy Communion, 6-45 a.m.; Sung Eucharist and Sermon,
8 a.m.; .Evensong and Sermon, 6 p.m.

St. Saviour's Church—8 Wellesley Square. Built 1848.
Sunday :—In Tamil—Matins, 8 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6 p.m.
In Hindi—Sung Eucharist and Sermon, 9-30 a.m.;

Evensong and Sermon, 4-30 p.m.

Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, 9-30 a.m.

St. Stephen's Church—3 Diamond Harbour Road. Built 1846.

Sunday :—Holy Communion, 7 a.m.; Sung Eucharist and Sermon,

8 a-m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6-30 p.m.

St. Thomas' Church—9 Free School Street. Built 1831.

Sunday :—Matins. 6-30 a.m.; Holy Communion, 7 a.m.; Sung Eucharist

and Sermon, 8 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays (except Saturdays )—Matins, 6-30 a.m.;

Holy Communion. 7 a.m.; Evensong, 4-45 p.m.
Wednesday ;—Intercession Service, 7 p.m.

St. Thomas' Church—Howrah Church Road. Built 1831.
Sunday ;—Matins, 8 a.m.; Sung Eucharist and Sermon, 8-15 a-m.;

Evensong and Sermon, 6-15 p.m.
Weekdays :Wednesday and Friday : Holy Communion, 6-30 a.m.

The Old Mission Church—11 Mission Row. Built 1770.
Sunday :—Holy Communion, 7-30 a.m.; Service and Sermon, 8-30 a.m.;

Evensong and Sermon. 6 p.m.
Tuesday :—Bible Class, 6 p.m.; Wednesday—Prayer Meeting, 6-30 p.m.

Trinity Church—33 Amherst Street- Services in Bengali.
Sunday :—Matins, 8 a.m.; Evensong and Sermon, 6-30 p.m.;

Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



          ___Roman Catholic_______________________________________

Cathedral Church of Our Lady of the Rosary—15 Portuguese Church Street. Built 1797.
Sunday :—High Mass, 6-30 a.m. ; Low Mass, 8 a.m.;

Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :Mass at 6 and 6-30 a.m.

Chapel of St. Joseph—19 Market Street. Built 1864.
Sunday: —Mass, 5-30, 6-30 and 8 a.m. -, Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :Mass at 6 and 6-30 a.m.

Chapel of Stella Maris—Nimakmahal Road, Kidderpore. Built 1931.
Sunday :Mass, 8 a.m.

Church of Our Lady of Dolours—147 Bow Bazar Street. Page 93.

Church of Our Lady of Happy Voyage—3 Cullen Place, Howrah.

Sunday :—Low Mass, 6 a.m. ; High Mass, 8 a.m. ;

Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :Mass at 6 and 6-30 a.m.

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus—3 Dharamtala Street. Built 1832.
Sunday :—Mass, 5-30 and 7 a.m. ; High Mass, 8-30 a.m.;

Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :—Mass at 6, 6-30 and 7 a.m.

Church of St. Francis Xavier—68 Bow Bazar Street. Built 1900.
Sunday :—Mass, 6-30 and 9 a.m. ; High Mass, 7-30 a.m.;

Benediction. 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :Mass at 6 and 6-30 a.m.

Church of St. Ignatius—38 Ekbalpore Rd., Kidderpore. Built 1910
Sunday : —Low Mass, 6 a.m. ; High Mass 8 a.m. ;

Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :Mass at 6-30 and 7 a.m.

Church of St. John the Evangelist307 Upper Circular Road.

Built 1808. Rebuilt 1907.
Sunday : High Mass, 6-30 a.m.; Low Mass, 8 a.m.;

Benediction. 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays:Mass at 6 and 6-30 a.m.

Church of St. Teresa—92/1 Lower Circular Road. Built 1893.
Sunday :—Mass, 5, 6, 7 and 9-15 a.m. ;

High Mass, 8 a.m.; Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :—Mass at 6, 6-30 and 7 a.m.

St. John Bosco—Lillooah.

Sunday :—Mass, 6-30 and 8 a.m. ; Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :—Mass at 6-15 and 7-15 a.m.

St. Patrick's Chapel—Fort William. Sunday— Mass, 8 a.m.

St. Thomas' Church—7 Middleton Row. Built 1840.
Sunday :—Mass, 5-30, 7 and 10 a.m. ,

Parochial Mass, 8-30 a.m. ; Benediction, 6-30 p.m.
Weekdays :—Mass at 6. 6-30 and 7 a.m.

St. Xavier's College—30 Park Street.
Sunday :—Mass, 6 and 7 a.m.; Benediction, 4 p.m.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



Church of Christ the King – Park Circus, Syed Amir Ali Avenue.

(Source: Contributors)


          ___Church of Scotland__________________________________

Church of Scotland—76 Wellesley Street.
Sunday :—Morning Service and Sermon at 9-30;

Evening Service and Sermon at 6-30.

Church of Scotland (Missions)—76 Wellesley Street.
Sunday :In Tamil and Telugu—Morning Service at 8-30;
Evening Service and Sermon at 6-30.
In Hindi—Service and Sermon at 12-30 p.m.

Duff Church—127 Maniktala Street. In Bengali.
Sunday :—Morning Service at 9; Evening Service and Sermon at 6.

St. Andrew's Church—Dalhousie Square. Built 1815. Page 72.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



          ___Armenian & Greek_____________________________________


Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth—2 Armenian Street. Page 129.

St. Gregory The llluminator's Chapel—11/6 North Range, Park
Circus. Page 90.

The Holy Trinity Chapel—No. 2 Tangra Rd. South. Erected in 1867.

Greek Church—At the corner of Russa Road and Library Road.
Sundays :—Service at 9 a.m.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Central Hindusthan and Methodist Episcopal Church—130 Dharamtala Street.

Sunday : —In Hindi—Service and Sermon, 10-30 a.m.
In Bengali—Service and Sermon, 4-30 p. in.
Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of the month.

Methodist Episcopal Church—9/3 Hathi Bagan Road. Entally.
Sunday :—Children's School, 7-30 a.m.. Service and Sermon, 4-30 p.m.

Methodist Church (English)—14/2 Sudder Street.
Sunday:—Morning Service and Sermon at 9 ;

Evening Service and Sermon at 6.
Friday :—Service of Prayer and Intercession, 6-30 p.m.
Morning Prayers daily at 8-30.

Osborn Memorial Methodist Church—56A Corporation Street.

Sunday :Children's Service, 9 a.m.;

Evening Service and Sermon at 6-

Thoburn Melhodist Episcopal Church—151 Dharamtala Street.
Sunday :—Morning Service at 9 ; Evening Service and Sermon at 6.
Thursday :Mid-week Prayers Service, 8-30 p.m.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Baptist Church—42 Lower Circular Road. Built 1819.
Sunday :—Morning Service at 9/ Evening Service and Sermon at 6-30.

Young People's Fellowship and Sunday School, 5 p.m.
Wednesday :—Service at 6-30 p.m.

Morning Prayers daily at 8.

Bengali Baptist Church—49 Ripon Street.
Sunday :—Children's School, 8 a.m.; Evening Service and Sermon at 6.

Carey Baptist Church—31 Bow Bazar Street. Founded 1809.
Sunday :—Morning Service and Sermon at 9;

Evening Service and Sermon at 6.
Hindustani Service and Sermon, 1-15 p.m.

Entally Baptist Church—85/1 Dr. Suresh Sarker Road, Entally.
Services usually in Bengali.

Sunday School, 7-30 and 9 a.m. Prayer and Sermon. 4-30 p.m.
Utcal Congregation (in Urya)—Service and Sermon, I p.m.

Hasting’s Chapel—Hastings.
Sunday :-—Morning Service and Sermon at 9; Evening at 6.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



          ___Other Churches_______________________________________

Bhowanipore Congregational Church—43 Elgin Road.
Sunday:—In Bengali—Morning Service and Sermon at 8 ;
Evening Service and Sermon at 4-30.

Christian Science Society—30 Chowringhee Road.
Sunday :—Children'3 School, 9 a.m.;

Evening Service and Sermon at 6-30.
Testimony Meeting on 2nd and last Wednesdays of the
month. 6-30 p.m.

Salvation Army Hall—37 Dharamtala Street. Page 116.

Salvation Army Hall—F66 Circus Row (Park Circus).
Sunday —Holiness Meeting, 10 a.m.; Sunday School, 4-30 p.m.,

Salvation Meeting, 6-45 p.m.
Monday :Public Meeting, 6-45 p.m.

Seventh Day Adventist Church—36 Park Street.
Saturday :—Sabbath School, 9 a.m.; Sermon School, 5-30 p.m.
Sunday :—Sermon, 6-30 p.m.

Union Chapel (Congregational Church)—137 Dharamtala Street.

Sunday :—Children's School at 8-30 a.m.; Morning Service and

Sermon at 9; Evening Service and Sermon at 6.
Wednesday :—Fellowship, 6-30 p.m.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Baptist Missionary Society—44 Lower Circular Road. Phe., P.K. 206.

Church Missionary Society Bengal and Church of England Zenana Missionary Society—10 Mission Row. Phone, Cal. 4952.

Church of Scotland Women's Missions—18 Duff St. Phe., B.B. 1361.

Hindu Mission—32/B Harish Chatterjee Street. Phone, South 817.

Industrial (The India) Mission—32 Barrackpore Trunk Road. Phone, B. B. 1050.

Lee Memorial Mission—13 Wellington Square. Phone, Cal. 1231.

London Missionary Society—16 Elgin Road. Phone, P.K. 1689-

Methodist Episcopal Mission Headquarters—3 Middleton Street. Phone, P.K.314.

Methodist Missionary Society—16 Sudder Street. Phe., Cal. 2613.

Oxford Mission—42 Cornwallis Street Phone, B.B. 327.

Scottish Church Mission—4 Cornwallis Square. Phone, B.B. 151.

Seventh-Day Adventist Mission—36 Park Street. Phone, P.K, 567.

Bible House ; Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts—22 ChowringheeRoad.

St. John's Baptist Mission (Clewer Sisters)—17 Lansdowne Road.

St. Paul's Mission—13 Scott's Lane- Phone, B.B. 607.

Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society—14/2 Sudder Street.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Bethel Synagogue—26/1 Pollock Street.
Saturday :Morning Prayers at 6-15; Evening at 3-30 and 5-45.
Other Days :—Morning Prayers at 5-30; Evening at 5.

Maghen David Synagogue—109 Canning Street.
Saturday :Morning Prayers at 6-30; Evening at 4-30 and 5-45.
Other Days :Morning Prayers at 6; Evening at 4-45.

Neveh Shalome Synagogue—9 Synagogue Street.
Saturday :—Morning Prayers ar 6; Evening at 4 and 6.
Other Days :—Morning Prayers, at 5-45; Evening at 4-45.


        Brahmo Samaj Churches

The Brahmo Samaj Church of the New Dispensation
(Bharatavarshiya Brahma Mandir)—95 Keshab Chunder Sen Street.
Sunday :Children's School, 7 a.m. Service and Sermon, 6 p.m.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Parsee Agiaries



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Barrackpore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals— 53 Barrackpore Road- Phone, Barrackpore 1.

Bengal Social Service League—1/6 Raja Dinendra St. Phe., B-B. 990.

Bose Institute (Sir L C. Bose, Kr.)—93;l Upper Circular Road. Phone. B.B. 1309. This well-known Institute wag founded by Sir Jagadish Chunder Bose, Kt,, so that he and his successors might carry out researches on the phenomena of life and its various manifestations. The building, with an auditorium capable of accommodating 1500 persons, was built and formally opened on the 30th November 1917.

Numerous automatic recorders of high sensitivity and precision have been invented and constructed in the Institute, the most important of these being "The Magnetic Crescograph". This powerful instrument, wonderfully detects the movements, and instantly measures and records, the growth of plants.  Recent research carried out at this Institute established the generalization of the fundamental unity of plant and animal life.

British and Foreign Bible Society—23 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 1555.

Calcutta University Institute—7 College Square. Phone, B.B. 1352.

Clem Browne Institute (E. B. Rly.)—Sealdah.

Colonization Society of India, Ltd.—75P New Theatre Road. Phone, P.K. 1686.

European Institute (E. I. Rly.)—Howrah Church Road. Phone, Howrah 67.

George Telegraph Training Institute—136 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 1417. Branch, 181 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 4612.

Good Companions, The—49 Chowringhee Road- Phone, P.K. 2161. Page 121.

Government Commercial InrtUute—11 Hastings Street. Phone, Regent 237. Page 24.

Indian Institute for Medical Research—11 Dharamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 1881.

Institute of Commerce (Government Affiliated)—191 Bow Bazar St.

Institution of Engineers (India)—8 Gokhale Road. Phe., P.K. 1034.

Manson Institute (E. B. Rly.), for Indians—303/1 Upper Circular Road. Phone, Regent 391

Muslim Institute—21A Wellesley Square. Phe., CaL 350. Page 136.

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel—51 Chowringhee Road.

Vivekananda Society—78/1 Cornwallis Street.

Zionist Institute for Physical Perfection—8 Pollock Street


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




All Bengal Teachers' Association—209 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 4581.

All India Marwari Federation—156 Harrison Rd. Phe., B.B. 4467.

All India Telegraph Union—17 Mangoe Lane. Phone Cal. 667.

All India Village Industries Association—249D Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 1816.

Anglo-Indian and Domiciled European Association—87A Park Street. Phone, P.K. 238.

Automobile Association of Bengal—40 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 7.

Bengal After Care Association—Nirmala Kanan Fuder Road. Phone, B.B. 3502.

Bengal Bonded Warehouse Association—102 Clive St. Phe., Cal. 205

Bengal Chamber of Commerce—2 Clive Street. Phe., Cal. 474. P. 16.

Bengal Council of Medical Registration—21 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 3469.

Bengal Hockey Umpires' Association—233B Upper Circular Road. Phone, B.B. 4458.

Bengal Home Industries Association—42 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P.K. 1562.

Bengal Industries Association—15 Clive Street. Phone, Cal, 1422.

Bengal Jute Dealers' Association—4 Commercial Buildings. Phone, Cal. 2523.

Bengal Landholders' Association—10 Old Post Office Street. Phone, Cal, 4869.

Bengal Masonic Association—19 Park Street. Phone Cai. 689.

Bengal National Chamber of Commerce—2 Royal Exchange Place. Phone, Cal. 3932.

Bengal Olympic Association—16J Broad Street. Phone, P.K. 1218.

Boy Scouts Association, Bengal—5 Government Place North. Phone, Cal. 4749.

British Indian Association—18 British Indian Street. Phe., Cal. 1418.

Calcutta Baled Jule Association and Calcutta Baled Jute Shippers' Association — Clive Street. Phone, Cal, 475.

Calcutta Clinical Research Association, Ltd.—6 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 627.

Calcutta Clinical Research Association, Ltd.—College Street Market. Phone, B,B. 1811.

Calcutta Referees' Association—8 Haralall Dass Lane. Phe., B.B. 4396

Calcutta River Transport Association—2 Clive St. Phone, Cal. 475.

Calcutta Tea Traders' Association—2 Clive St. Phone, Cal. 475.

Calcutta Trades Association—34 Dalhousie Square (Dalhousie Institute). Phone, Cal. 1243.

European Association—6 Royal Exchange Place. Phone, Cal, 120.

Girl Guide Association—1 Palace Court, Kyd Street, Phe., Cal. 2865.

Indian Association—62 Bow Bazar Street. Phone. B.B. 382.

Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science—10 Bow Bazar Street. Phone. B.B. 3491.

Indian Football Association—8 Royal Exchange Place. Phone. Cal. 4426.

Indian Jute Mills' Association—Royal Exchange Buildings. Phone, Cal. 475.

Indian Medical Association—12 Samauaya Mansions, Hogg Street. Phone. Cal. 2439.

                Calcutta Branch—67 Dharamtala Street. Phone,Cal. 1570.

Indian Mining Association—Royal Exchange Buildings. Phone. Cal. 475.

Indian Telegraph Association, Ltd.—Olympia House, Mission Row Extension. Phone, Cal. 1902.

Marwari Chamber of Commerce —203/1 Harrison Rd. Phe., B.B. 2265.

Motor Industries Association—P6 Mission Row Extension. Phone, Cal. 4981.

Muslim Chamber of Commerce—22 Canning Street. Phe. Cal. 629.

Overseas Chinese Labour Association—33 Blackburn Lane.

Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association—Phe., B.B. 3405- Page 204.

St. John Ambulance Association (Headquarters)—5 Government Place North. Phone, Cal. 228.

"Toc H” Mark I, India—2/2 Lansdowne Road. Phone, P.K. 336.

Tuberculosis Association of Bengal—2nd Floor, Writers Building

                Honorary Secretary and Publicity Officer, 60 Dharamtala Street.

Y.M.C.A. National Council for India—5 Russell St. Phe., Cal. 2136.

Y.M.C.A. (Calcutta Association) : Head Office—25 Chowringhee. Phone, Cal. 625. Page 117.

                Branches :-—42 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 2923.

                                                86 College Street. Phone, B.B. 2971.

                                                73 Paddapukur Road, Phone, P.K. 447.

                Students' Hostel and Playground—138 Keshab Chunder Sen Street. Phone, B.B. 1967.

Y. W. C. A. : National Committee—134 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 4092.

                Employment Bureau, 134 Corporation Street. Phone. Cal. 1275.

                Hostel (Gallway House), 1 Middleton Row. Phone, Cal. 3709.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




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Aheeritollah Sporting Club—12 Ramchandra Maitra Lane. Phone, B.B.3279.

Armenian Club—21 Galstaun Mansions. Phone, Cal. 2504.

Ballygunge Cricket Club—Store Road, Ballygunge. Phe., P.K. 997.

Barrackpore Club—8 Riverside. Barrackpore. Phe.,Barrackpore 10.

Barrackpore Golf Club House—89 Station Road, Barrackpore. Phone, Barrackpore 78.

Bengal Club. Ltd.—33 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 4406.

Bengal Flying Club, Lid.—Dum Dum Cantonment. Phone, Regent 807.

Bhowanipore Club—94 Bakul Bagan Road, Bhowanipore.

Blue Birds Athletic Club—48 Chowringhee Road. Phe., P.K. 2374.

Bombay Club—9 Clive Row. Phone, Cal. 2324.

British India Engineers' Club —15A Kyd Street. Phone. CaL 207.

British India Marine Service Officers' Club—4 Chowringhee Lane. Phone, Cal, 1256.

Calcutta Club, Ltd.—241 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 533.

Calcutta Cricket Club—Eden Gardens, Phone, Cal. 1575.

Calcutta Football Club—Maidan. Phone, Cal. 962. Office—5 Fairlie Place. Phone, Cal. 2796.

Calcutta Ladies' Golf Club—Maidan. Phone, CaL 2404,

Calcutta Light Horse Club—24 Park Street. Phone, P.K. 988.

Calcutta Medical Club—91B Chittaranjan Avenue. Phe., B.B. 1313.

Calcutta Police European Officers' Social Club—31 Bentinck Street. Phone, Regent 259.

Calcutta Rangers Club— Maidan. Phone, Cal. 1467. Office—1 Draper Lane, Government Place East. Phone, Cal. 2023.

Calcutta Rowing Club—Lake Road. Phone. South 840. Strand Road. Phone, Cal. 5719.

Calcutta Scottish Club—84 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P,K. 806.

Calcutta South Club—9/1 Woodburn Road (Woodburn Park). Phone. P.K. 1242.

Calcutta Swimming Club—1 Strand Road. Phone, CaL 2910.

Cossipore Club (Gun and Shell Factory )—Seven Tanks, Dum Dum- Phone, B.B. 930.

Dalhousie Athletic Club—Maidan. Phone, Cal. 1459.

East Bengal Club—Maidan. Phone, Cal. 2864.

Grail Club—15 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 6233.

Howrah Bowling Club—12 Forest Road, Howrah.

Jodhpur Club, Ltd.—Gariahat Road (Dhakuria P.O.). Phone, P.K.100.

Lady Lytton Club for Hospital Nurses—6 Suburban Hospital Road. Phone, P.K. 1414.

Lake Club—Lake Road. Phone, South 1685.

Marine Club—2 Nimak Mahal Road, Kidderpore. Phe., South 1415.

Marwari Rowing Club—Dhakuria Lake. Phone, South 742.

Mohamedan Sporting Club—Maidan. Phone, Cal. 3904.

Mohun Bagan Athletic Club—Maidan. Phone, Cal. 1547.

New Club-38 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 61.

Nippon Club—1 Harrington Street. Phone, P.K. 461.

Nippon Yusen Kaisha Seaman's Club—28 Circular Garden Reach Road. Phone, South 1341.

Ordnance Club —Clyde Row, Hastings. Phone, South 1699.

Outram Club—3 Outram Street. Phone, P.K. 839.

Picardy Club—42 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P.K. 2814.

Portuguese Club—105/7 Surendra Nath Banerjee Road.

Punjab Club, The—3 Woodburn Court, Woodburn Road. Phone, P. K. 2558.

Rotary Club—Great Eastern Hotel. Phone, Cal. 4248 and Cal. 2962.

Royal Calcutta Golf Club Home—Russa Road, Tollygunge. Phone, South 1287.

Royal Calcutta Golf Club Pavilion—Maidan. Phone, Cal. 2788.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club—11 Russell Street. Phone, P.K. 1653. Parade Road, Barrackpore. Phone, Barrackpore 25.

Saturday Club, Ltd.—7 Wood Street. Phone. P.K. 510.

Swiss Club—22 Theatre Road. Phone, P.K. 1774.

Thirty-Three Club—6 Chowringhee Road. Phone. Cal. 879.

Three Hundred Club—38 Theatre Road. Phone, P.K. 170.

Tollygunge Club, Ltd.—Club House, 22 Russa Rd- Phe., South 208. Secretary's Office—Phone, South 380.

United Service Club—29 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Regent 108. Hony. Secretary—Phone, Cal. 4185.

Veteran's Club—55 Park Street.

Victoria Club—9 Dalhousie Square East. Phone, Cal. 3672.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Hairdressing & Beauty Parlours

Alford, (Ladies')—10C Government Place. Phone, Cal. 1438.

Annahit, (Ladies')—7 Chowringhee Place. Phone, Cal. 1210.

"Annette"—19 Royd Street. Phone, P.K. 419.

Au Vogue, (Ladles')—2 Royal Court, 5/1 Russell St. Phe, P.K. 1087.

Bemta— Great Eastern Hotel Arcade. Phone, Cal. 5477.

Beryl—31 Park Mansions. Phone, Cal. 2040.

Bright & Mclvor, (Men's)—Grand Hotel Arcade, Chowringhee Road, Phone, Cal. 463S, also, 102 Clive Street. Phone, Cal. 2157.

Carlton—7 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 1023.

Chavan (Monsieur and Madame)—18 Alexandra Court, 60/1 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P.K, 1685.

Elaine's—Humayun Place. Phone. Cal. 1660.

Globe (Ladies' and Gent's)—26 Chowringhee Road.

Hobsley, Rachel4B Little Russell Street. Phone, P.K. 117.

Hollywood—4A/1 Chowringhee Place. Phone, CaL 7132.

Jane Seymour—11 King Edward Court, 58 Chowringhee Road. Phone, P.K. 2029.

Janet—9 Royd Street. Phone, P.K. 2628.

Joyce—I2M Galstaun Mansions, Park Street. Phone, Cal. 2904.

Marie Janet—7/1D Lindsay Street. Phone, Cal. 949.

Marlyss—91 Park Street. Phone, P.K. 1901.

Moyna—l2H Park Street. Phone, Cal. 2152.

Nadler, Ethel,—20C Park Street. Phone, Cal. 1228.

New Watson and Summers—45 Park Street. Phone, CaL 2971.

"Nicholas"—13E Russell Street. Phone, Cal. 3802.

Parisettes (Ladies')—30B Chowringhee. Phone. Cal. 4946.

Park—21 Park Street.

Pigeon—29 Chowringhee Road.

Renato, G.—Grand Hotel Arcade.

Rosa—1/1 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 5391.

Rose—26 Central Avenue South. Phone, B.B. 4300.

Rose Marie—12F Park Street. Phone, Cal. 858.

Royal Exchange—12/1 Chowringhee Road. Phone, CaL 4707.

Showa (Ladies' and Gents')—l/l Park Street.

Viola—5 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 3052.

Walker, Margaret—S Park Street. Phone, Cal. 2703.

Youd’s, (Ladies')26 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 918.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)



        Hotels & Restaurants

Amjudia Hotel—8 Zakaria Street. Phone, B.B. 3008.

Avenue Hotel—35 Prinsep Street. Phone. Cal. 582.

Bengal Restaurant—10 Chowringhee Road, Phone, Cal. 5388.

Bower Restaurant—38 Bentinck Street. Phone, Cal. 794.

Bristol Hotel—2 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 15C9.

Broadway Hotel—P34 Central Avenue. Phone, Cal. 4219.

Cafe de Monico—6 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 4428.

Cafe Monte Carlo—3/1 Mangoe Lane. Phone, Cal. 4348.

Calcutta Cafe—40 Chittaranjan Avenue. Phone, B.B. 2787.

Calcutta Hotel and Restaurant—124/1 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 4518.

Cecil Restaurant—309 Bow Bazar Street. Phone. Cal. 1447.

Central Hindu Hotel—90 Chittaranjan Avenue. Phone. B.B. 2360.

Central Hotel—11 Waterloo Street. Phone. Cal. 356.

Chung Wah Restaurant -7/1 Central Avenue. Phone, Cal. 2021.

City Restaurant—12/1C Lindsay Street. Phone, Cal. 4055.

Continental Hotel, Cafe Royal—12 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 430.

Ephinstone Restaurant—67/1 Bentinck Street. Phone, Cal. 2514.

Empire Reitaurant—52 Dhatamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 1280.

Ferrazzini's, Ltd.—Humayan Court. 21 Lindsay St. Phe., Cal. 1466.

Firpo, A., Ltd.—18/2 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 740.

Branch (formerly Peliti's), at 11 Government Place East. Phone, Cal. 590.

Flury & Trinca—18 Park; Street. Phone. Cal. 5693.

Fresco's Restaurant—3 Chowringhee Road. Phone. Cal 538.

Grand Hotel—15A Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 4709.

With extension to Casanova Restaurant, Chowringhee Place and Princes Restaurant, Grand Hotel Arcade.

Grand Restaurant—42 Free School Street.

Great Eastern Hotel, Ltd.—l, 2 & 3 Old Court House Street. Phone, Cal. 252.

Hotel Royal—47 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 3753.

Isala, G. & Co. (Restaurant)—15 Free School St. Phe., Cal. 4637.

Leferer's Bar & Restaurant—85 Elliott Road. Phone, P.K. 571.

Majestic Hotel—4C Madan Street. Phone, Cal. 3137.

Nanking Restaurant—22 Blackburn Lane- Phone, B.B. 805.

New Tajmahal Hotel—8 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B.B, 2626.

Olympia Cafe (Bar and Restaurant)—21 Park Street. Phe., Cal. 5486.

Park Restaurant—55 Park Street. Phone, Cal. 5268.

Punjab Hindu Hotel—144 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 2821.

Punjab National Hotel and Restaurant—40 Harrison Road.Phone, B.B. 2646.

Ripon Restaurant—21 Ripon Street.

Ritz Hotel—3 & 4 Harrington Street. Phone, P.K. 1373.

Sealdah Hotel and Restaurant—128 Lower Circular Road. Phone, B.B. 5194.

Spence's Hotel, Ltd.—4 Wellesley Place. Phone, Cal. 225.

Tower Hotel, Ltd.—27 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B.B. 915.

Windsor Cafe—204 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 1090. 


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Alfred Theatre (Natya Bharati)—91A Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 1544.

Calcuttan Theatre—85 Upper Chitpore Road.

Corinthian Theatre—5 Dharamsala Street.

Minerva Theatre—6 Beadon Street. Phone, B.B- 5289.

Natya Niketan—2A Raja Raj Kissen Street.

Rungmahal Theatre—76/1 Cornwallis Street.

Star Theatre—79 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 1139.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




Aleya—220A Rash Behari Avenue. Phone, P.K. 1475.

Aurora—41 Kasi Mitter Ghat Street, Baghbazar- Phone, B.B. 2874.

Bangalakshmi—40 Harrison Road.

Bharat Lakshmi —2/2/1 Chittaranjan Avenue. Phone, B.B. 2683.

Bijoli—6/l Russa Road. Phone, South 667.

Chaya—122 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B.B. 282.

Chhabi-Ghar—10 Harrison Road. Phone, B.B. 2740.

Chinese Theatre—2 Chandney Chowk Street. Phone, Cal. 4395.

Chitra—83 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B- 1133.

Chitra Puri—131/2 Circular Garden Reach Road. Phe., South 767.

City—150 Lower Chitpore Road. Phone, Cat. 4465.

Dipali—13/1 Adwaitya Ch. Mullick Lane.

Ganesh—373 Upper Chitpore Road. Phone, B.B. 745.

Globe—7 Lindsay Street. Phone, Cal. 1571.

lntally—2/3 South Road, Entally. Phone, Cal. 1303.

Lighthouse—2 Humayun Place- Phone, Cal. 200.

Majestic—12/1 Wellesley Street. Phone, Cal. 2091.

Metro (TheHomeof the Stars)—5 ChowringheeRd. Phe., Cal.234.

Minerva—Chowringhee Place. Phone, Cal. 887.

Moti Mahal—156/2 Upper Circular Road. Phone, B.B. 4868.

National—l2/l Watgunge Street. Phone, South 1523.

New Cinema—171 Dharamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 5819.

New Empire—1 Humayun Place. Phone, Cal. 200.

New Imperial—190 Lower Circular Road. Phone, P.K. 1309.

New Royal—5B Maharanee Surnomoyee Road. Phone, B.B. 4068.

Novelty—2 Krishna Lal Das Road.

P. Son—Paharpur Road, Garden Reach. Phone, South 1331.

Paradise—39 Bentinck Street. Phone. Cal. 4251.

Park Show-House—3/5 New Park Street. Phone, P.K. 1971.

Prabhat—136 Surendra Nath Banerjee Road. Phone, Cal. 5855.

Purna—2 Russa Road. Phone, South 3t.

Regal—4 Corporation Street. Phone, Cal. 3040.

Robin—134 Rajendra Lal Mitter Road.

Roxy—30 Tara Chand Dutt Street. Phone, B.B. 385.

Ruby—32 Dharamtala Street. Phone, Cal. 1900.

Rupabani—76/3 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 3413.

Rupali—45B Ashutosh Mukerjee Road. Phone, South 953.

Rupam—213 Bow Bazar Street. Phone, B.B. 4397.

Shree Bharat Lakshini—2 Chittaranjan Avenue.

Sree—138 Cornwallis Street. Phone. B.B. 1515.

Suchitra—Diamond Harbour Road, Behala. Phone, South 812.

Taj Mahal—2 Krishna Lal Das Road, Chitpore. Phone, B.B. 4707.

Talkie Show House—13A Faria Puker Street. Phone, B.B. 2270.

Taswir Mahal—7B Gas Street. Phone. B.B. 4450.

Tejmahal—38 Keshub Chunder Sen Street. Phone, B.B. 3556.

Tiger—19 Chowringhee Road. Phone, Cal. 300.

Uttara—138/1 Cornwallis Street. Phone, B.B. 2202.


(Source: John Barry: “Calcutta 1940”)




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