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There are large number of museums, galleries, archives and websites which also deal with aspects of relevance to 1940s Calcutta.  Have a look and perhaps one of them is easily accessible to you as well. 


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          _____In Calcutta & Bengal_______________________________

Indian Museum

This museum was established in 1878 on Jawaharlal Nehru Road. The museum is built in Italian architectural style and is considered as the largest museum in the country and one of the best in Asia. The largest museum in the country, the museum has six sections: Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology and Industry (economic botany). From the Egyptian mummy to the skeleton of the whale and some rare statues; the museum has every thing. One of the rooms has a collection of meteorites. The museum also has a unique fossil collection of prehistoric animals which includes a giant crocodile and a huge tortorise. The art collection has many fine pieces from Orissa and other temples and superb example of Buddhist Gandharan art.


Indian Museum

27 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Calcutta 700016, India

Telephone : +91-(0)33- 249 9902, 9979, 8948, 8931

Fax : +91-(0)33-249 5699

E-Mail :

Opening times:

Open : March to November (10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)

December to February (10.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.)

Closed for the public : Every Mondays, Republic Day (26th January), Holi 10th March 2001, Independence Day (15th August), Mahatma Gandhiji's birth day (2nd October), Dusshera or Vijaya Dashami (26th October 2001), Diwali (14th Novenber 2001) Id- ul-fitr, (17th December, 2001)


Tagore House – Rabindra Bharati Museum

The rambling old Tagore House is a centre for Indian dance, drama, music and other arts. This is the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore, India's greatest poet, and his final resting place. It's just off Rabindra Sarani, north of BBD Bagh. There is a daily Bengali sound- and-light show at 6 and 7 pm.

Collection: Paintings of Tagore, photographs, personal effects, books, journals, tapes and disc records.


6/4 Dwarkanath Tagore Lane, KOLKATA (Calcutta)   700007, West Bengal, India

Tel: +91-(0)31-2345241

Opening times:

10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. - 1.30 p.m

Closed on Sundays, government holidays and university holidays.


Tagore Memorial Museum (Santiniketan)

Established in 1942. Preserves personal collections of Tagore as well as gifts made or him form India and abroad. The Museum consists of a library section containing manuscripts of Rabindranath, letters to and from Rabindranath, books on and by Rabindranath and a general section comprising paintings, photographs, cine-films and voice-records of the poet.


Viswa Bharati

SANTINIKETAN, district : Birbhum, West Bengal, India

Opening times:

10.30 - 13.00; 14.00 - 16.30, Mondays to Thursdays; 10.30 - 13.00 Tuesdays. Closed - Wednesdays.


Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya(Barrackpur)

Established in 1961.  Has a large collection of photographs portraying Gandhiji's life, particularly his peace mission to Naokhali; also photostat of letters to Gandhiji from different countries, letters written by him, a large number of press cuttings and bulletins and tape recordings of reminiscences of Mahatmaji. Has a good library of Gandhian literature.


4, Riverside Road, Barrackpur, District :24-Parganas, BARRACKPUR 170, West Bengal, India.

Opening times:

12.00 - 18.00 (April - October), 11.00 - 17.00 (November- March) , closed on Wednesdays.


Netaji Museum

Collection: Original letters, manuscripts, paintings, sculpture, original documents and photostat copies of letters, documents concerning the life, activities and thoughts of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Sarat Chandra Bose.


Netaji Bhawan, 38/ 2 Lala Lajpat Rai Road, KOLKATA (Calcutta)   700020, West Bengal, India

Tel: +91-(0)31-2473745

Opening times:

12 noon - 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays and declared holidays.


Victoria Memorial

At the southern end of Maidan stands the Victoria Memorial built between 1906 and 1921 on the lines of the Taj Mahal in memory of Queen Victoria. This huge white-marble museum houses a vast collection of memorabilia from the days of British empire. There are portraits, statues and busts of almost all the main participants in British India history. Two regular sound and light shows are held in the evening.

Collection: Drawings, busts, statues, manuscripts, documents, stamps, coins


1 Queen's Way, KOLKATA (Calcutta)   700071, West Bengal, India

Tel.: +91-(0)31-2 445154

Opening times:

I March to 31 October 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

1 November to 28 February 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Closed on Mondays and gazetted holidays.


Institute de Chandernagore

Established under the Treaty of Cession of Chandernagar, 1952 as a cultural centre with a museum, art gallery, library and auditorium, the Institute today is an important Indo-French cultural link. The Museum building itself is of historical importance with relics of French in India along with valuable documents and relics of local freedom-fighters, bibliographical materials, photographs, paintings, a few terracotta and other antiquities and fold art objects. Museum set up in the old French governors mansion, concerning the history of Chandernagore and its links with France.  One room is dedicated to the process of decolonisation in the 1940s.  Extensive library.

Collection: Relics of French in India and valuable documents; relics of local fighters, paintings, terracottas, antiques.


Institute Chandernagore

The Residency, CHANDERNAGORE, West Bengal, India

Opening times:

Weekdays 4 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.; Sundays 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Closed on Thursdays.



          _____In the rest of India__________________________________




          _____In Britain____________________________________________

The British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

A new museum about the British Empire. They are also building up an oral history section.


British Empire & Commonwealth Museum

Clock Tower Yard, Temple Meads,


United Kingdom

Fax: +44 (0)117 9254983

Tel.: +44 (0)117 9254980 plus extension number (see table below)

General enquiries Lucy Woodward  Tel. ext: 201

Collections: Oral History archive Tel. ext: 220

Collections: Film archive Jan Vaughan Tel. ext: 217

Collections: Photographic archive Joanna Hopkins Tel. ext: 216

Collections: Artefacts & documents Tel. ext: 230

Retail & publishing (BECM Press) Simon Boice Tel. ext: 205


Imperial War Museum (London UK)

The Imperial War Museum is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day. It seeks to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and 'war-time experience.'


Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road,


United Kingdom



National Army Museum

The National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. It is the only museum to tell the story of the Army as a whole from Agincourt in the Fifteenth Century to peace- keeping in the Twenty-first Century.


National Army Museum

Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea,


United Kingdom

Tel. +44-(0)20 7730 0717


British in India Museum

The museum covers all aspects of British rule in India. There are a great many photographs, including a large proportion of a set taken by R B Holmes, of the 1919 Afghan War. Other items include a collection of handmade and painted model soldiers, stamps, medals, paintings, postcards and uniforms, including those of Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck. There is a diorama 'The Last Stand of the 44th at Gandamak'.

Exhibits: Photographs, models, uniforms, paintings covering all aspects of history of British rule in India, from early 17C to 1947.

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat, February-November


British in India Museum

Newtown Street

COLNE Lancashire BB8 OJJ

United Kingdom

Tel: +44-(0)1282-613129. Fax: +44-(0)1282-870215


By train to Colne, bus stop within 100 yards of museum. Colne is on the main road from Burnley to Keighley.


          _____In the rest of the World___________________________






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Libraries, Archives & Collections



          _____In Calcutta & Bengal_______________________________

National Library of India, Kolkata

The National Library, India is the largest library in the country. It is an institution of National importance under the 'Department of Culture, Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Government of India'. The library is designated to collect, disseminate and preserve the printed material produced in the country. The library is situated on a scenic 30 acres Belvedere Estate, in Kolkata, formerly Calcutta City.


National Library, Belvedere, KOLKATA   700027 (Formerly Calcutta) West Bengal, India

Phone Numbers:

National Library: +91-(0)33-4791381/1384

Fax: +91-(0)33-4791462

Telex: 021-8117



State Archives of West Bengal

Collection: East India Company's administrative records from 1770-1858. Persian, Bengali, Dutch, Danish records.


6 Bhowani Dutta Lane, Calcutta 700034, West Bengal, India

Tel: +91-(0)31-2347182, +91-(0)31-2341133.

Timings: 10.30 a.n-l. - 5.30 p.m. Closed on Sundays and government holidays.


Registers of Births and Deaths

Office of the Chief Municipal Officer,

Calcutta Municipal Corporation Main Office

5, S.N. Banerjee Rd.

First Floor.

KOLKATA   700 013


Note that no Anglo Indians were registered with the Indian Municipality.

Note also that we have not been able to find out whether the register is open to be viewed by the public, and what conditions of access might be.


Asiatic Society

The Asiatic Society is a famous centre of Indology, Literature and Scientific Research. It was founded by Sir William Jones in 1784 with Warren Hastings as its first patron. Its library contains about 20000 volumes including about 8000 rare Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Hindi manuscripts.


1 Park Street, Calcutta 700016, West Bengal, India


Indian Museum Library

The Indian Museum Library houses a vast collection of some fifty thousand books and journals along with many rare publications. Books and Journals are available on Museology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Art etc. Scholars, school and college students can access the library by becoming members.


Indian Museum Library

27 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Calcutta 700016, India

Telephone : +91-(0)33- 249 9902, 9979, 8948, 8931

Fax : +91-(0)33-249 5699


Opening times:

10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (except Sundays and second Saturdays of the month and other official holidays.)


Goethal Memorial Library

Located at St Xavier’s College on Park Street this Library holds a large a mount of material on Christianity and education in Calcutta.  There is also a photo library associated with it although this is located elsewhere.


Netaji Research Bureau

The aims of the NRB are stated as collecting and preserving all intelligence, documents and manuscripts, books, leaflets, periodicals, photographs and films, records and other objects and materials - relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.  To establish and maintain libraries, museums, reading rooms, laboratories and archives for the preservation, exhibition and study of all objects and materials collected by the Bureau and also for such other general and special purposes as the Bureau may deem fit: to provide the facilities for students and scholars to research and study the life and work of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

To promote and encourage the study of and research about the history of India, her struggle for freedom, its leadership, political institutions, international relations and allied subjects. and many more.


Netaji Research Bureau

Netaji Bhawan, 38/ 2 Lala Lajpat Rai Road, KOLKATA (Calcutta)   700020, West Bengal, India

Tel: +91-(0)31-2473745

Opening times:

12 noon - 6 p.m. Closed on Mondays and declared holidays.


Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta

The 70s the Centre's academic interests revolved around certain dominant themes such as the economy and politics of north-eastern India, peasant and popular nationalism in Bengal, the agrarian and industrial economy of colonial India, and reassessments of the nineteenth century Bengal Renaissance. Alongside these, there was a strong analytical interest in contemporary economic and political issues as well as institutions. In the 80s the focus shifted to issues of trade, industry and labour under changing economic policies. Major contributions were also made in the field of social, intellectual and cultural history, including landmark studies on nationalist thought, and the social and cultural history of Bengal. Some of the Centre's scholars played a crucial role in the formulation and development of Subaltern Studies. The Centre was also one of the first places to give due recognition to gender-based social and economic analysis. In the 90s yet another area of study started demanding greater attention - film, mass media and cultural studies. Here, approaches have moved between the historical and the contemporary, using both archival material as well as non conventional oral and visual sources.

Resources of the cente include The Library and the Hitesranjan Sanyal Memorial Collection.


The Library

The library specialises mainly in English language publications from India, with a discerning selection of foreign publications in the main areas of the Centre's academic interests. It now has a collection of over 22,000 books. In spite of financial constraints, the Centre maintains its subscription to 76 Indian and 73 foreign journals and periodicals. It is also the depository in Eastern India for all World Bank publications. Some private collections of books of Calcutta scholars have been gifted to the library over time. The collection of maps in the library basically refers to Eastern India with special emphasis on West Bengal and the city of Calcutta. The collection includes topographical sheets of the Survey of India, maps published by the National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation, District maps published by the Directorate of Land Records and historical maps of Calcutta. A full list of the Occasional Papers is available on request. Apart from collecting documents, the Centre launched a project of thematic selection of articles from the Bengali periodicals during the colonial period.

A list of Bangla Periodicals in the Centre (pdf, 29 Kb) can be found at:


The Hitesranjan Sanyal Memorial Collection

The CSSSC's microfilm collection began with the acquisition of the Indian Census Reports from 1872 to 1952, in microfiche form distributed by the Inter Documentation Company of Switzerland. Along with this, a considerable number of microfilm rolls, mainly on the Communist and Labour Movements, belonging to the Indian Council of Social Science Research, was incorporated in this collection. In addition, there are a few rolls acquired by the CSSSC from time to time on demand from scholars and some that were gifted by faculty members. The idea of beginning a microfilm collection of old and rare printed materials originated from the research needs of scholars at the CSSSC working on the social and cultural history of Bengal. Most of these materials located in various old libraries in Calcutta and its surrounding areas are in a perilous condition of decay and are fast becoming unusable. In 1993, a project was begun by the CSSSC to preserve in microfilm old Bengali periodicals containing materials on social history. This was made a constituent part of a collaborative research project of the CSSSC with Roskilde University, Denmark, and the Centre for Basic Research, Kampala, funded by DANIDA, on the study of Nationalism, Modernity and Urban Culture. A major portion of the present collection has been filmed from the Bangiya Sahitya Parishat library of Calcutta (listed below as BSP). This is the most exhaustive collection anywhere of 19th and early 20th century Bengali periodicals. A project is now being undertaken to expand the collection to include 19th and early 20th century books and other printed materials. The latest addition to this Archive is the collection of transparencies of 19th and early 20th century paintings, prints, illustrations and photographs from Bengal. This is part of an ongoing project of the CSSSC on Hybrid Genres: A Photographic Archive of Visual Material of the Late 19th and Early 20th Century in Various Calcutta Collections. This project is funded by the India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore.

The Centre is procuring colour transparencies and corresponding photo negatives of these paintings and photographs for use by scholars. In recent years the archive started acquisition of old books, mainly with illustrations, manuscripts and other documents relating to the social history of Bengal. Enquiries regarding the collection may be sent to Abhijit Bhattacharya at

A guide to the Hitesranjan Sanyal Memorial Collection in PDF format (329 Kb) can be found at:



Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta

R-1, Baishnabghata-Patuli Township,


700 094


Tel.: +91-(0)33-24.66.6472 / 5477

Fax: +91-(0)33-24.66.6958


E-mail (Abhijit Bhattacharya):

(formerly at: 10 Lake Terrace,  KOLKATA (CALCUTTA), 700 029, India)



          _____In the rest of India__________________________________

National Archives of India

“ The National Archives of India is the repository of the non-current records of the Government of India and is holding them in trust for the use of administrators and scholars. It is an Attached Office of the Department of Culture under Ministry of Tourism & Culture. It was set up in March 1891 in Calcutta (Kolkata) as the Imperial Record Department and subsequent to the transfer of the National Capital from Calcutta to New Delhi in 1911 it was shifted to its present building in 1926. The Department is committed to providing maximum assistance to scholars, administrators as well as the common man who approach us in connection with their work.  All enquiries are attended to promptly, and efforts are made to ensure satisfaction of the concerned person by providing feedback facility to the scholars/researchers visiting the Research Room.”

One of the most interesting items in their collections are the documents of the Commission enquiring into the 1943 Bengal Famine.  All committee members were required to destroy their documents at the end of the enquiry.  Just one of them secretly kept his set and later donated it to the archives.



All requests may be addressed to the Director General of Archives

National Archives of India,

Janpath, NEW DELHI, 110001, India



Contact numbers :

+91-(0)11-2338-3436 (Director General of Archives)

+91-(0)11-2338-9027 (Deputy Director of Archives, Records)

+91-(0)11-2307-3003 (Asstt. Director of Archives, Records)

+91-(0)11-2307-3462 (Research Room)

+91-(0)11-2338-4797 (Public Relations Cell)

Fax No. +91-(0)11-23384127


The French Institute of Pondicherry -

Pondicherry used to be the capital of all the French settlements in India.

The French Institute of Pondicherry is a multidisciplinary research and advanced educational centre whose scope embraces "Indian civilisation, history and society, environment and development in South and South-East Asia".

It is a resource centre having exceptional collections: specialised libraries, manuscript collections, photo library, herbarium, pollen library and, more recently, databases.

The French Institute is also a centre for scientific production which since its creation has published nearly 200 books in its own collections: the series of the Publications of the Departments of Indology, Ecology and Social Sciences and CD-Roms in addition to thousands of articles in international journals and books and scientific reports published elsewhere.


The French Institute of Pondicherry

11, Saint Louis Street, PONDICHERRY 605 001, India


Tel : +91-(0)413-334170 / 334168, Fax: +91-(0)413-339534

E-mail addresses:

Director, Dr. Denis Depommier -

General Secretary, Michel Perraudin -

Ecology, Dr. Pierre Grard -

- Botany, Dr. B.R. Ramesh -

- Palynology, Dr. Anupama K. -

- Soil Sciences, Dr. Pierre Curmi -

Indology, Dr. Francois Grimal -

Social Sciences, Dr. Patrice Cohen -

Geomatics, Dr. Danny Lo Seen -

Webmaster, S. Jyotinarayan -



          _____In Britain____________________________________________


Oriental and India Office Collections at the British Library

The Oriental and India Office Collections, are the focus within the British Library for collecting and providing access to material relating to all the cultures of Asia and North Africa and the European interaction with them.

The Oriental and India Office Collections of the British Library were brought together in 1991. The new department has taken over, from the old Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books, responsibility for the British Library's holdings in the languages of Asia and of north and north-east Africa covering the humanities and social and political sciences. The collections of the India Office Library and Records reflect the territorial interests and activities of the East India Company and the India Office, and include literature and documents on India, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh and neighbouring countries, Iran and the Gulf states, South Africa, St Helena, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Japan.

The online catalogue for the British library is available at:


India Office Select Materials

There are three catalogues for India Office Select Materials via:

where you can decide to go for the “Private Papers”, “Print & Drawings” or “Photographs” catalogues.

Private papers

The Private Papers include letters, diaries, memoirs, copies of official correspondence and papers, photographs, scrapbooks, in fact documents of every type originating from private sources rather than the official archives. They relate primarily to the British experience in India in the period 1600-1947, but there is also some material on neighbouring countries from central Asia to Indonesia and from Egypt to Japan, and a few collections extend into the post-colonial period after 1947. Further details are provided elsewhere on this website.


Prints and drawings

The Prints and Drawings collection includes visual materials (European drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, etc.; Indian miniatures and Company paintings; and various other types of oriental drawings) which were mostly made or collected in India and the east and which are held in the Prints, Drawings and Photographs section. There will also be found in the catalogue other relevant types of visual material, from books of prints, drawings within private papers, and oriental manuscripts. Further details are provided elsewhere on this website.



The Photographs collection comprises some 250,000 photographs held in the Prints, Drawings and Photographs section, as well as photographs included in private papers or mounted in 19th century printed books. While the bulk of the material relates to India prior to 1947, there are also major collections from neighbouring areas such as Burma, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and Chinese Central Asia. The photographs range from c. 1850 to the mid-20th century and are particularly strong in archaeological and topographical material and in the illustration of the British experience in India. Further details are provided elsewhere on this website.



The British Library, Oriental and India Office Collections

96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB, United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0)20 7412 7873

Fax: +44 (0)20 7412 7641



Viewing the collections

Private Papers may be consulted in the Library's Oriental and India Office Reading Room at St Pancras in London. The Reading Room is open Mon, 10.00am-5.00pm; Tue-Sat, 9.30am-5.00pm.

The collections of Prints and Drawings and Photographs can be viewed by appointment only in the Library's Oriental and India Office Print Room at St Pancras in London. Prospective users must communicate in advance to make an appointment and to discuss their requirements. 24-hours notice is required to view photographs.

Before you go to the OIOC Room be prepared with reader's card (valid only one month), a £1 coin (for the lockers) and pencils (biros are definitely a no-no) (these can be purchased in the shop on the ground floor). The microfilm printer is good but there's only one. So if you need print-outs then don't leave it too late.


The Print Room is open by appointment: Mon-Fri 10.00am - 12.00pm, 2.00-5.00pm.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7876/7877

Fax: +44 (0)20 7412 7641




National Sound Archive (re Oral History Society) at the British Library

The National Sound Archive holds over a million discs, 185,000 tapes, and many other sound and video recordings. The collections come from all over the world and cover the entire range of recorded sound from music, drama and literature, to oral history and wildlife sounds. They range from cylinders made in the late 19th century to the latest CD, DVD and mini-disc recordings. We keep copies of commercial recordings issued in the United Kingdom, together with selected commercial recordings from overseas, radio broadcasts and many privately-made recordings.


The Recorded Sound Information Service, The British Library

National Sound Archive, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7440

Fax: +44 (0)20 7412 7441


Online-Catalogue at:

The catalogue includes entries for almost two-and-a-half million recordings held in the Sound Archive and is updated daily. It is one of the largest catalogues of its kind anywhere in the world, covering both published and unpublished recordings in all genres from pop, jazz, classical and world music, to oral history, drama and literature, dialect, language and wildlife sounds.

The catalogue does not contain data about every single recording in the collection and some subject areas are better represented than others. If you are unable to find a particular recording or there is something you don't understand, please contact us either by email or by telephone/letter.


The British Library Newspaper Library

The British Library Newspaper Library catalogue includes entries for over 52,000 newspaper and periodical titles. The collections include: all UK national daily and Sunday newspapers from 1801 to the present; most UK and Irish provincial newspapers, some dating from the early 18th century onwards; selected newspapers from around the world in European languages, some dating from the 17th century onwards; and a wide range of UK and Irish popular periodicals, covering all subjects from fashion, pop music and cinema, to sports, hobbies and trades.

Each entry in the catalogue contains details of the title, place of publication and dates held. Please note that titles, which are listed as being held to date are currently being received, but issues published in the last few months or years may not yet be available. Full details of the most recent overseas newspapers held may be found at Please contact us for information on the availability of recent UK newspapers.


The British Library, Newspaper Library

Colindale Avenue, LONDON  NW9 5HE United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7353

Fax: +44 (0)20 7412 7379


Opening times: Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 to 16.45, except on public holidays and certain additional days which are advertised in advance.

Newspaper Library users are strongly advised to place advance reservations for the material they wish to consult. Up to four items may be reserved by telephoning the Library on +44 (0)20 7412 7353 or by emailing, preferably 48 hours in advance. Please note that some material, mainly those titles with shelfmarks beginning F.Misc or F.2000 onwards, are stored off-site and must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance.

Online-Catalogue at:


Public Record Office (PRO)

The Public Record Office (PRO) is the National Archive of England, Wales and the United Kingdom (as well as their dependent territories). The PRO holds central government records dating from the domesday book to the present day. Their aims are to preserve these records and make them available to future generations.


Public Record Office,

Ruskin Avenue, Kew


United Kingdom.

Telephone Number: +44-(0)20-8876-3444, Fax: +44-(0)20-8392-5286


Especially helpful is the

Online catalogue at:

A search in the online catalogue for Calcutta 1938-1952 p.ex. found over 400 entries ranging from Records of the Board of Trade, and Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance all the way up to the Colonial Office , the Treasury, the Cabinet Office and even the Special Operations Executive. 


Moving Here

The vision of Moving Here is to celebrate, explore and record why people came to England, and what their experiences were and continue to be.

This web site offers online versions of original material, including photographs, personal papers, government documents, maps and art objects, as well as a large collection of sound recording and video clips.  You can also see stories and photographs which have been contributed by members of the public - these are available from the stories section of this site.


Moving Here

Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond, Surrey. TW9 4DU, United Kingdom.


Comments about this website:


Scottish Record Office



National Library of Scotland



Centre of South Asian Studies - University of Cambridge

Large Archive of India related material.


Laundress Lane


Tel: +44-(0)1223-33.8094

Fax: +44-(0)1223-31.6913


Southampton Archives Services

An archive especially interesting for it’s Central Index of Merchant Seaman 1913-1941.

Opening times:

Tuesday to Friday 9.30 and 16.30 (no appointments needed)

Between 12.30 and 1.30 documents cannot be produced from strong rooms

Monthly late evening, open until 9.00p.m. (by appointment)

Research service. A search of the Central Index costs £5.00 per surname (with a

maximum of 3 individuals for that surname included in this price).


Southampton Archives Services

Civic Centre

Southampton   SO14 7LY

United Kingdom

Tel.: +44-(0)23-8083-2251



Registrar General of Shipping


Anchor House

Cheviot Close, Llanishen


United Kingdom

Tel.: +44-(0)1222-747.333


University of Southampton Library

An archive especially interesting for it’s Mountbatten papers database.

Opening times:



Archives & Special Collections

University Library

University of Southampton


Southampton SO17 1BJ

United Kingdom

Tel.: +44-(0)23-8059-2721

Tel.: +44-(0)23-8059-2720




          _____In the rest of the World___________________________


International Institute of Social History

A great resource for the study or the history of the working classes as well as political movement associated with them.  Especially interesting to us are the collections of the Asia Department, amongst which there are the 40 cassettes of their “Bengal Oral History - Communist, Peasant and Labour Movements of Bangladesh and India”.


Cruquiusweg 31


The Netherlands

Tel.: +31-(0)20-66.85.866

Fax: +31-(0)20-66.54.181

Email (Asia Department):


Le Centre des Archives d'Outre-Mer

Situated in Aix-en-Provence (department Bouches-du-Rhône), the Centre des archives d'outre-mer conserves the archives of Frances colonial history and its presence in Algeria. (the archives concerning the protectorats Marocco and Tunisia are conserved at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The material is divided intop the following groups

- Archives ministérielles (Ministerial archives)

   - Fonds ministériels anciens (old ministerial materials before 1815 classed by series letter (A to  K))

   - Fonds ministériels modernes antérieurs à 1920 (modern ministerial materials from before 1920 classed by topic (general, missions.etc.) and by geographical area (Inde etc..))

   - Fonds ministériels modernes postérieurs à 1920 (modern ministerial materials from after 1920 classed by provenance depending on administration of origin)

   - Dépôt des papiers publics des colonies (public papers like état civil, notariat, greffes, recensements, hypothèques)

   - Dépôt des fortifications des colonies (colonial fortifications classed by country)

- Les fonds rapatriés (repatriated materials)

At independence government files were repatriated (this does not include functional files on matters like health, infrastructure, education, finance etc. which were left in place).

The standards of classification depends on territory and state of progress as sorting is ill ongoing.

For French india the classifications are the following: 

   - Fonds de la compagnie des Indes (French East India Company),

   - fonds moderne (modern materials),

   - fonds des papiers publics (public papers classed by letter of series).

- Autres fonds (other materials)

   - the private archives contain the papers of politicians, civil servants or other persons related to the French colonies etc.

   - cartographic collections: ca. 50 000 maps and plans.

   - photographic material ca. 20 000 post cards, plus 60 000 photographs on paper, 15 000 photographic plates, 20 000 negatives, 500 posters, 200 films.

   - the library has 100 000 volumes which places the Centre just behind the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris for items of colonial history.


Le Centre des Archives d'Outre-Mer

29 chemin du Moulin-Detesta, 13090 Aix-en-Provence FRANCE

Tel.: +33-

Fax: +33-


Opening times: Mon-Fri  09.00 – 17.00 (first Thursday morning of every month it opens only at 13.00)

annual closure: 15 days after the Monday following the 14th July.

Conditions of access:

The Centre des archives d'outre-mer is open to all French and foreign readers who carry a photographic proof of identity.  It is advised to telephone first before any visit.

Signing in: After filling in and inscription form at reception the reader receives a magnetic swipe card which is needed for all orders of documents.  There are three versions of the swipe card (annual for 20 euros, 7 consecutive days for 5 euros, and the provisional laissez-passer valid for one day).

Readers who have already paid their signing in fees at the Centre historique des Archives nationales in Paris, are exempt from charges at the Centre des archives d'outre-mer.

The only items allowed in the reading rooms are sheets of paper, pens and laptops (without bags), all other possession can be deposited in lockers.

Further details on working at the centre (in French) at


Ministère des Affaires étrangères - Sous direction de l'état civil.

For état civil documents less than 100 years old. If you are a direct relative you can demand a copy of the whole file which is often quite rich in detail.

Documents older then 100 years are kept at the Centre des Archives d'Outre Mer in Aix-en-Provence.


Ministère des Affaires étrangères

Sous direction de l'état civil.

11, rue de la Maison Blanche

44941 NANTES CEDEX 09.

Tél: +33 (0)2 51 77 30 30

Fax :+33 (0)2 51 77 36 99


Service historique de l'Armée de Terre

French Army Archives.

Postal Address:

BP 107

F-00481 ARMEES

Visiting Address:

Pavillon des armes

Château de Vincennes




Service historique de la Marine

French Navy Archives.

Postal Address:

BP numéro 2

00300 ARMEES

Visiting Address:

Pavillon de la Reine

Château de Vincennes




Musée de la Compagnie des Indes

Documents concerning the French East India Company.

Postal Address:

Archives du port de Lorient

BP numéro 4

56998 LORIENT Naval



Centre d'accueil et de recherche des Archives nationales (CARAN)

This is the visitors centre of the French national archives.

Note: that due to building work the centre is closed from summer 2001 to the beginning 2005. A temporary reading room is set up at: 

58, rue de Richelieu, PARIS, France (basically the “Bibliothèque nationale de France”’s reading room)

from Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.45.

for further details consult:

Official Address:


60, rue des Francs-Bourgeois

75141 PARIS Cedex 03


Tel. : +33-(0)

Fax : +33-(0)


LDS Family History Centres

The LDS have microfilmed records of civil registration of births, marriages, deaths as well as many church records.

A list of LDS Family History centres can be found at





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Groups & Associations



        Calcutta History

ARCH Action Research in Conservation of Heritage

ARCH is working towards the conservation and awareness of heritage buildings and places.  They campaign for reconciling conservation with development through initiating community planning and assisting in managing change of urban environment.

We also have the expertise in the following: Documentation and Research, Heritage Walks, Restoration and Training Workshops.


AA-171A, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 064, India

Tel.: +91-(0)33-

Fax: +91-(0)33-


A new list for those interested in memories of old Calcutta and especially its food is “”.

The group home page location is:

To subscribe send a message to:

Do not enter anything in the subject line but in the body of the message write: subscribe

To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:



British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA)

This is the largest and oldest organisation related to British India. Whilst its focus is the cemeteries in India and the rest of South Asia, it often provides useful information for genealogists in its magazine Chowkidar.

B A C S A is a charity set up in 1976 to protect European cemeteries in South Asia. There is no statutory body or government agency with funds to look after these old cemeteries. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission confines its responsibility to the armed services in the periods of World War I and II. Therefore, without the support of individuals, many cemeteries - witness to centuries of European residence in the East - would quickly disappear. Over the years BACSA has done much towards their restoration, maintenance and the recording of inscriptions in different parts of South Asia.

Cemeteries in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and further East have benefited from BACSA's efforts. Support is given both financially and practically. Members spend weeks - sometimes months - overseas, meticulously recording and photographing inscriptions on gravestones and monuments. This mass of information is housed in a separate archive within the Oriental and India Office Collections of the British Library and forms the basis of booklets of cemetery records in particular towns including details of names, inscriptions and biographical notes - which are published from time to time for the benefit of members and family historians at large (click here to see list of publications and cemetery records). There is also an on-going project to record monumental inscriptions in the UK which have a bearing on the British connection with South Asia: a note on churches already researched is available on request.

General meetings open to all members are held twice a year in London when members receive reports on cemeteries visited and the progress on various projects. Talks are given on the theme of the British and the East.

A house journal, 'Chowkidar', is circulated to members every six months - free of charge - and contains a section for queries on any matter relating to family history, the whereabouts or condition of a relative's grave etc, which nearly always brings an answer.

BACSA publishes memoirs and biographies written by its members, offering fresh insight into the social, military, business and administrative life of Europeans in the East. They are priced at approx. £9 each and a book list is available. There is also a twice-yearly list of second-hand books on oriental subjects donated by members for sale to other members.

Every summer an outing is arranged to a place with special oriental connections in different parts of the country, to give members who would find it difficult to come to London an opportunity to meet.

Anyone may apply to join the Association. BACSA has already attracted a large membership of nearly 2,000 which reflects the continuing and wide variety of interest in the sub-continent. Many current members served out East, while others have family connections or are drawn by links historical, literary, genealogical, architectural etc.

They have a list of some very interesting books for sale at:

(with and order form at: )


The Indiaman

Genealogical and History Magazine in the World about the British in India from 1600 to the 20th century.

Paul Rowland

Editor, The Indiaman Magazine.

2 South Farm Avenue, Harthill, Sheffield S26 7WY, England.

Tel: +44 (0) 1909 774416.



Families in British India Society

This is an association of people who are interested in tracing their British, European and Anglo-Indian ancestry in India, and is not just confined to the Raj period. FIBIS publishes a quarterly newsletter and members’ interest list.

The society was formed in November 1998 to provide a resource for people researching families and their social history in India from 1600 until the present day.   'India' includes: the Republic of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma as well as any area including, Persia and the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Malaya, etc., that was covered by the East India Company or was ruled by the India Department.


INDIA-L Mailing List

If you are interested in researching your British or European ancestors in India, then you might like to join the INDIA mailing list. You can exchange ideas, suggestions, queries, questions and family details with a group of people who are interested in the same subject. The list currently has over 700 members and grows at the rate of about one or two members a day.


Indian Military Historical Society

A UK-based organisation, interested in military history of the Indian Armies and the British Army in India.

Formed 13 years ago and with a worldwide membership of 200 people, the principal aim of the society is to act as a forum for the dissemination of knowledge of uniforms, medals, badges, buttons and other militaria, as well as the history of Service units both before and after Independence. These include: Royal Navy, British Army, RAF units which served in India, units of the HEIC's Army and Marine prior to 1861, the Indian Army subsequent to 1861, including the European Volunteer Corps, The Royal Indian Marine and the Royal Indian Navy, the Army of Nepal and those of the Princely States, the present-day Armed Services of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, including Frontier Corps, Para Military and Police units.

The Society produces a quarterly journal called 'Durbar'. It can be contacted at :

Indian Military Historical Society


Mr A.N. McClenaghan

33 High Street, Tilbrook, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE18 0JP, ENGLAND


The East Indies Telegraph

A UK-based magazine for people researching Anglo-Indian ancestry.

Ms Geraldine Charles of the National Maritime Museum publishes a newsletter related to Anglo-Indian genealogy. She is also preparing a book for the (British) Society of Genealogists with the working title My Ancestors went to India.

Persons interested in Anglo-Indian genealogy may wish to contact Ms Charles :

The East Indies Telegraph

Secretary, Ms G. Charles

57 Poplar Grove, Friern Barnet, London N11 3NJ, ENGLAND


Dutch Indies Genealogical Association

A Netherlands-based organisation for people tracing their Dutch family history in India, Indonesia and the West Indies. If you had Dutch ancestors who lived in India, a useful association is the Dutch Indies Genealogical Association. Although their main focus is what is now called Indonesia, the Dutch Indies Genealogical Association can also help with Dutch genealogy in India.

Indische Genealogische Vereniging

(Dutch Indies Genealogical Association)

c/o Volendamlaan 1030, 2547 CS The Hague, HOLLAND

The IGV's quarterly magazine is called 'De Indische Navorscher' and it publishes genealogies of families that originate from the former Dutch East-Indies as well as genealogical sources for research of both East and West-Indies families.

De Indische Navorscher (The Indies Researcher)

c/o Mr P.A. Christiaans

Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 342, 2552 AP The Hague, HOLLAND

You can also e-mail the editor : Leo Janssen


East Indies Group of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

A forum for NZSG (New Zealand Society of Genealogists) members to pursue their interest in "East India" genealogy covering India, Ceylon, Burma, Malaysia.


Koi Hai Directory

The Koi Hai Directory is a small association of former tea planters and their wives who served in North and South India. The Directory is a list of the present addresses of its members. As most of the members were in India after the 1930's, there would be few who would be able to tell one much about British Ancestry there. However, if you are seeking a relative who was a tea planter in India in the twentieth century, then it would be worthwhile writing to the secretary:

Mrs C. Campbell

1b Stonefield Place, Hawick, Roxburghshire TD9 0EY, SCOTLAND

Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if possible, as this is a non-profit organisation.



        Anglo-Indian Interest

Several people have set up webpages dedicated to Anglo-Indian culture worldwide, and assisting Anglo-Indians to make contact with each other.


Anglo-Indian Oral History project in the USA by Cheryl Perriera & Claire Clarke

The Anglo-Indian Oral History  Project is a part of the Anglo- Indian Association of the USA. Cheryl Perreira and Claire Clarke want fellow Anglo-Indians to tape their oral histories for inclusion in the Anglo-Indian Oral History Project and they need volunteers to help with this Project. Please contact Cheryl Perreira at +1-(0)714974 3227 in California. You may also contact Rex D'Costa at +1-(0)301-540-5828 in the Washington, D.C. area.


Dr Adrian Gilbert's Anglo-Indian Home Page

This comprehensive website is devoted to many aspects of Anglo-Indian culture, including The International Journal of Anglo- Indian Studies, and Dr Gilbert's own Ph.D. thesis on Anglo-Indians in Australia.


Russel Stevenage’s Anglo-Indian Home Page

Russel is an Anglo-Indian who lives in India. He is trying to establish a webpage which lists details of Anglo-Indians still remaining in that country today.


Anglo-Indian Exchange

An Anglo-Indian website with links to other pages of interest to Anglo-Indians.



        Jewish Interest


Council of Indian Jewry


c/o The Jewish Club

Jerro Bldg., 2nd floor

137 Mahatma Gandhi Road



Tel. +91-(0)22-270.461

Fax. +91-(0)91-22-274.129



        Armenian Interest


        Parsee Interest


        Chinese Interest


        French &Chandernagore Interest


Association Les comptoirs de l'Inde - Centre Culturel et de Documentation de l'Inde Francophone

The objectives of this group are 1) to contribute to the knowledge and documentation regarding the past of the French settlements in India as well as regional Indian cultures;  2) promote French language and culture in the former settlements;  3) promote the town of Chandernagore and the State of Pondichéry in France and the francophone world;  4) bring together French people from the old settlements, friends of India and Indian friends of France and offering opportunities to come together by organising trips, dinner-debates, conferences etc.;  5) support restauration projects and safeguard French heritage in and relating to the town of Chandernagor and the state of Pondichéry.


60, rue des Vignoles

75020 PARIS


Tel. / Fax: +33-(0)

E-mail :

Presence of members: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 15h to 18h.


Centre de relations culturelles Franco-Indien


50 rue Vaneau

75007 PARIS


Tel.: +33-(0)



        School Alumni Associations


St Xaviers Old Boys Association


La Martiniere for Boys


Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong


Victoria& Dow Hill Schools, Kurseong


St. Paul’s, Darjeeling


Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling


Old Mount Hermon, (Darjeeling) Students' Association (UK)



        Ex-Service men’s Organisations


          _____British & Commonwealth__________________________


Comrades & Colleagues

A site dedicated to the reuniting of servicemen and women from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. A percentage of each months turnover is presented to armed forces charities.


Liberation Children

Renders assistance to the descendants of soldiers from the Second World War in the search for their fathers and/or relatives.


Forgotten Soldier

A site for veterans to share their experiences, and to help build a living war memorial for students, teachers & historians. Includes media reviews.


Burma Star Association

The Association's aim is to relieve need, hardship or distress among men and women who served in HM and Allied Forces or the Nursing Services in the Burma Campaign of the 1939-45 war or are otherwise entitled to be holders of the Burma Star or Pacific Star with Burma Clasp and for their widows, widowers or dependents.

4 Lower Belgrave Street


United Kingdom

Tel.: +44-(0)20-7823- 4273

Fax: +44-(0)20-7730-7882


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The Commission was established by Royal Charter in 1917. Its duties are to mark and maintain the graves of the members of the forces of the Commonwealth who were killed in the two World Wars, to build memorials to those who have no known grave and to keep records and registers, including, after the Second World War, a record of the Civilian War Dead. It was the energy of Sir Fabian Ware, the Commission's founder, which established the principles upon which the work of the Commission was built. Those principles, which have remained unaltered, were:

each of the dead should be commemorated individually by name on headstone or memorial;

headstones and memorials should be permanent;

headstones should be uniform;

there should be no distinction made on account of military or civil rank, race or creed.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission

2 Marlow Road

MAIDENHEAD   Berkshire   SL6 7DX

United Kingdom

Tel: (01628) 634221

Fax: (01628) 771208

Telex: 847526 Comgra G












40th Bomb Group Association

Interesting site with a lot of photos, memories etc., concerning the 40th Bomb Group which for a while operated out of Assam/Bengal against the Japanese in China.


CBI Veterans Association

The CBI Veterans Association is an organization of Veterans of World War II who served their country in either China, Burma or India for at least 30 days. If you are interested in finding a group (called BASHA) near you, please contact:

Albert O. Wilkat,

7520 N.W. 7th Street,

Plantation, Florida, 33317


or email:







        Arts & Culture







        1940s in the Rest of the World


Lisa’s nostalgia Café 1940s

A very good website reviving many memories of life in 1940s USA.

Pages include: Entertainers, Musicians, performers, actors & comedians; Music, Radio & TV, Popular songs, old-time radio, & the birth of television; Lifestyles, Consumer products, fads & fun, activities, trends & technology; At Home, Home decor & typical, household items; Around Town, Shopping, dining, travel & nightlife; Retro Links, Lots of links that don't fit, into any one category; Advertising, Classic commercials, & print ads; Movies & Theatre, Popular films, movie music, & stage productions; Fashion, Clothing & hairstyles, from the war years and beyond; In The News, Current events, & newsmaker.

Well worth a visit just to compare lifestyles between India and America.


Roy Ripley & Brian Pears: “North-East Diary 1939-1945”

A very good website telling you what the war years were like in The North-East of England.

Lots of detail.  Well worth a visit, even if you are not a ‘Geordie’.




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