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 To those who helped me along the way


This site could not have been started, let alone alone developed in the way it has, had it not been for the interest shown and the often great help given by a great number of people out there. I would like to thank all of them.

First of all, I would like to thank my wife, Sushsmita, for supporting me in this work and most of all for giving me the idea for this project in the first place.

Secondly, I would like to thank Glenn Hensley.  It was only after I had stumbled across his unique photos of the era that I decided to focus on the 1940s.  Then it were only his memories which he passed on to me when I interviewed him about his pictures, which really got me thinking that there will be others out there with great memories to share and that they should be recorded.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone else who has been involved in helping me with this project. Some gave advice, some encouragement, others contributed their own or relative's material, sent photos, books, diaries, or gave interviews. Others arranged for copyright releases, or access to archives. and libraraies. Some just posed questions which made me think...
But whatever it was that they did, all in all, without them it would not have been possible to get this project off the ground. In no particular order I would therefore like to thank 

Glenn S. Hensley
Prof. Bimalendu Bhattarcharya
Gerald Hall, Acting Project Manager, Digital South Asia Library, University of Chicago
Rebecca Moore, Project Manager, Digital South Asia Library, University of Chicago
David N. Nelson, South Asia Bibliographer, Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania
The Milton S. Eisenhower Library , The Johns Hopkins University
Keith Sikander Butler
Cheryl Perreira, US Anglo Indian Oral History Project
Rex D'Costa, General Secretary of US Anglo Indian Association
Elaine Pinkerton Coleman
Erica Pamela
Jeff Walters, Marketing Manager, Texas Tech University Press
Hedley Sutton, Oriental and India Office Collections, The British Library
Kalpa Barman
Dr. Subhoranjan Dasgupta
Anita Lee (David Mordecai’s Photos)
Pat Gould (Bob and Liz McLeod’s Journal)
Fred A. Cohen
Clifford Cohen
Claire Higgins
Michael Braga
Martin Kämpchen
Herman & Abha Rodrigues
Mr James Hunter Moore
Rev. Margaret Mc Gregor
Ralph Blow
Elizabeth James
Esther Mary Lyons
Jean Araye
Francesca Richards
Arabinda Das Gupta
Indranil Roy
Soumya Basu
Hena Basu
Dibakar G Ghosh
Amitava Tarun Nath
Joydeep Bakshi
Mr. Kamal Chowdhury
Jayant Saha
Pallab Bhattacharyya
Amitendranath Tagore
Barun Dé
Santanu Sanyal
Ranabir Roy Choudhury
Manas Ray, Fellow, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
Mr. Bhaskar Mitter
Sidartha Shankar Ray
Dr. Pratap Ch. Chunder
Mr. Ranjit Gupta
Nariaki Nakazato, Professor of Modern Indian History, University of Tokyo
Crispin Bates, Associate Professor of Indian History, The University of Edinburgh
Puja Basu
Srabasti Dhar (Piu)
Sujama & Kaushik Roy
Alexandra Straub
Stefan Ecks
Jeanne Openshaw, Faculty of Divinity, The University of Edinburgh
Dr. P. K. Bhattacharya
Sujash Bhattacharya
Biren Das Sharma ot the Cinema Museum
S.V. (Bikram) Mazumdar
Dr Ashuk & Dr Reklha Biswas
Dr. Ranendra Dutta
Prabir Kumar Haldar of Kalighat
Uday Basu of the Statesman Newpaper of Calcutta
Sasanka Sekhar Banyopadhyay, Assistant Director Kolkata Museum Society
The staff of the Kolkata Town Hall Library
The staff of the National Library of India, Kolkata
The staff of the Institut de Chandernagor, Chandernagore
Abhishek Sharma
Allen R. Johannes
Annette Aksenov
Bashabi & Neil Fraser
Beth Le Page
Charles Solomon
Chitra & Subho Basu
Denzil Gonzalves
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Banerjea
Dr. Dipak R. Sarbadhikari
Wendy Perry
E.E. Warner
Farah Kabir
George & Joyce  Munro
Geraldine Charles
Ian Pingault
The India Genealogy List
The Indiaman
The staff of Calcutta Photo, Dhakuria
Paul Rowland
J.A. Fennema
Pierre Bau
Thierry D'Costanzo
James Sinclair
Jean A Griffiths
Jeff Walters
John Feltham of the Chowringhee List
Joyce Mackenzie
Judith Bourne
Jyotis Chanbdra Guha

Ken Swartz
Manish Chakraborti
Margit Franz
Martin Kruse
Marie Gowrea
Maureen Teefey
Mike Devery
Mohammad Usman
Moira Breen
Molly Hamilton
Nigel Unwin
P.C. Bhattacharya
Pamela Walker
Peuli Das
Prabir Basu
Prof. J.K. Sengupta
Rekha & Amal Gupta
Richard & Robert Links
Rose Lllewllyn Jones
Ruth C
Sandy Warman-Johnston
Sarika Chaudhuri
Satyakam Sen
Shahjahan Mir
Sharon Maas
Soenke Trzaska
Soumya & Mome
Stephen Smyrl
The St. Xavier's, Old Boy's Association
Tonmoy Das
Wendy D'Cruz
Bani Bhattacharya


Thank you very much to all of you,

Hauke Wiebe (Calcutta1940s)




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